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FY16 State of the Industry: VLTs

In fiscal 2016, the eight U.S. lotteries operating video lottery terminals (VLTs) generated $6.4 billion in net machine income (NMI), an increase of 4% over the previous year, according to La Fleur’s Fiscal 2016 VLT Special Report. In comparison, U.S. lotteries’ traditional lottery sales increased 3% to $67.3 billion.

EuroMillions: Price Hike

Bigger, better EuroMillions is the way organizers are describing the revamped European bloc lotto game. The higher priced tickets went on sale on September 24. 

Holiday Strategies

U.S. instant ticket product managers were surveyed by La Fleur’s Magazine on what is most important for a holiday scratcher to maximize sales. The results follow below:

Indexing: Going, going… gone?

Baseball teams and the lotteries have more in common than other industries. Both are monopolies. A new upstart baseball team [...]

World Lottery Almanac

The 452-page La Fleur’s World Lottery Almanac is the complete reference source on the $276 billion worldwide lottery industry.

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Best Instant Games

La Fleur’s  Compendium of Best Instant Games tracks instant practices in Australasia, Canada, Europe and the United States.

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European Abstract

La Fleur’s European Lottery Abstract features historical profiles of Europe’s 70-plus national, provincial, regional and private lotteries.

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