OLG Launches Request for Proposals for Player Platform

TORONTO, ON – Today, OLG has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a new player platform. Through the RFP, OLG will select a service provider to provide a new enterprise wide digital foundation for OLG’s products.

The platform will improve the ways OLG connects with customers within a framework of social responsibility. It will allow OLG to add new games, improve the online experience and enable mobile responsiveness. It will also add to OLG’s existing digital capabilities in areas like player registration, responsible gambling controls and player accounts.

The RFP is another step in OLG’s plan to ensure its technology and product solutions are responsive to changing customer needs. Through its revised Lottery plan, OLG is seeking a way to unlock opportunities to create greater value for Ontario.

OLG expects to select a service provider for a new player platform in spring 2018.

Throughout the procurement process, OLG has engaged the services of a Fairness Monitor to provide oversight and advice to support integrity and fairness. At more than $2.2 billion annually, OLG provides the Ontario government with its largest source of non-tax revenue.

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