Tatts’ #Joyments Campaign

Tatts Group Lotteries implemented the first major repositioning of its Instant Scratch-Its brand in more than a decade with its new national #joyments campaign. It focuses on how Instant Scratch-Its deliver little moments of joy that brighten up Australians’ lives everyday.

Consumers are invited to upload an image that illustrates a “joyment.” If no image is available, consumers can describe their joyment in 20 words or less.

In the first four weeks, there were 4,000 #joyments entries. Over 2,000 customer #joyments have been shared. One of the microsites’ features allows users to like #joyments as they scroll through; some user-generated joyments have received over 500 likes each within four weeks.

“We’re thrilled with how the new #joyments brand campaign is performing —engagement has been strong and increasingly organic which speaks to the strength of the idea. #joyments are simply little moments of joy that you experience every day. Over time we expect customers will associate those little moments with the Instant Scratch-It’s brand which will deliver increased relevance and an openness to tactical comms leading to transaction,” said Jill Every, GM Marketing, Lotteries, Tatts Group Lotteries.

“Jodie Milini, Nada McNamara and Michelle Noonan, working with the GPY&R team, have launched this new brand work which we hope will develop and evolve for quite a few years to come,” added Evers. “The most exciting phase of the campaign will certainly be when we start using the user generated content in above and below the line channels. They’re organic, uplifting and you can’t help but love them!”

The campaign is predominantly supported by digital and social media advertising and activities, along with in-store promotions throughout Instant Scratch-Its’ network of more than 4,000 retailers.

The #joyments positioning will deliver a continuous platform for below-the-line marketing, with further above-the-line activities to be scheduled around key gifting periods of the year when Instant Scratch-Its sales peak.

To support the open-ended campaign, an initial four-week outdoor and digital advertising campaign rolled out nationally on March 19.

A #joyments campaign microsite, www.joyments.com, has also been created that encourages Australians to share the small instances that made them smile.
The #joyments campaigns will begin to feature UGC from Friday 31st, March, starting with the four #joyment winners.

Instant Scratch-Its Brand Portfolio Manager Jodie Milini said the #joyments campaign aimed to reinvigorate Instant Scratch-Its, a brand that had been living in the hearts and minds of Australians for more than three decades.

“For this campaign, we embarked on a journey of uncovering the true brand essence of Instant Scratch-Its and started talking to our customers about how they felt about their favorite games,” she said. “Throughout our research, it became clear that the key was the emotional connection customers had to Instant Scratch-Its, making #joyments the ideal new brand positioning.”
“#joyments are those little moments of joy you experience every day that make you smile, like hearing your favorite song on the radio or catching all the green lights on your way to work. #joyments give you the same wonderful feeling you get from having an Instant Scratch-Its ticket in your pocket,” added Milini.

The launch of the new #joyments campaign comes as part of the ongoing development of new Instant Scratch-Its games and tickets aligned to customers’ needs.

“Our new strategy is based on people’s needs rather than price points. We know from our recent consumer research that our customers are in different mindsets when they are playing different types of tickets. We are developing our tickets from these insights,” Milini said.

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