Future of Retail eConference

La Fleur’s is hosting a retail eConference designed for U.S. lotteries. Customers expect a high quality experience any time they interact with a company, regardless of the channel. Brick and mortar retail has been evolving for years to accommodate those expectations. The largest retailers in the world will explain how their adapting their stores and where lotteries could fit in. Then lotteries from around the world will present case studies on their own cutting edge retail programs. The conference will conclude with experts showcasing cutting edge technologies.
The best part of the conference? No travel costs. All you need is an internet connection to provide you with a world class education on the limitless potential of the future of retail. See you there. Friday, January 25th at 10 am. 
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January 25th, 2019

  • European Retail Case Studies

  • Canadian Retail Case Studies

  • Big Retailer Perspectives

  • 3rd Party Tech Companies

  • U.S. Lottery Retail Leaders

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No Travel Costs

We understand travel budgets are decreasing as the industry is going through a historic upheaval. It is clear that if the lottery industry wants to get up to speed on sports betting quickly, we need to re-approach conferences. So here it is. A completely digital conference. All you need is the internet and a webcam. 


…. for lotteries. The industry needs to learn from experts in sports betting, U.S. legislation, and foreign lotteries so they take no chances when implementing their  own programs. Vendors will have to pay a small registration fee.