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Sports Betting eConference

La Fleur’s brings together an exciting line-up of thought leaders from lotteries around the world that already offer sports betting. Join us for a fast-paced digital conference featuring panels of industry professionals from more than 13 jurisdictions as they present their sports portfolios, case studies and discuss best practices for a winning sports betting offering. The conference will conclude with experts and lottery directors discussing the future of sports betting in the U.S.

The best part? This first-ever eCONFERENCE requires no travel, and it is offered at no cost for lottery employees. All you need is an internet connection to provide you with a world class education on sports betting.

See you there. Friday, June 22nd at 10 a.m. ET – 1:30 p.m ET. 

Discussion Topics

  • European Sports Betting (begins 10 a.m. ET)

  • Canadian Sports Betting (begins 10 a.m. ET)

  • Federal & State U.S. Legislation (begins 12 p.m. ET)

  • U.S. Director Panel (begins 12:45 p.m. ET)

Agenda Below!

Lotteries’ Registration: Free
Private Companies’ Registration: $49.99

Please note: Paid registrations must use the email of the person registering, otherwise the registration will be revoked.

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European Segment

10-11 am ET

Canadian Segment

11-12 pm ET

U.S. Segment

National Perspective Presentation and Panel

12:00-12:45 pm ET

Director Perspective Presentation and Panel

12:45-1:30 pm ET

No Travel Costs

We understand travel budgets are decreasing as the industry is going through a historic upheaval. It is clear that if the lottery industry wants to get up to speed on sports betting quickly, we need to re-approach conferences. So here it is. A completely digital conference. All you need is the internet and a webcam. 


…. for lotteries. The industry needs to learn from experts in sports betting, U.S. legislation, and foreign lotteries so they take no chances when implementing their  own programs. Vendors will have to pay a small registration fee.

A Global Experience

The United States is a unique market, but the lotteries can still learn from their foreign counterparts. This conference presents a plethora of different sports betting programs so the United States can see how different models work in different jurisdictions.