Szrek2Solutions’ Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ were launched in Spain by ONCE

East Greenwich, RI, July 3, 2018: Szrek2Solutions LLC (SZREK) announced that ONCE, Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles (National Organization of Spanish Blind People), has contracted SZREK’s system for random number generation of outcomes for ONCE’s games. SZREK has deployed Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ for use by ONCE in connection with their games, providing implementation services, adapting the software, and configuring all SZREK equipment. They will provide ONCE with the support services that enable ONCE to operate the TD System for the games.

Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ systems will generate and audit winning numbers for ONCE’s 7/39 (Lotto), as well as their Super ONCE (Keno) and Triplex (Pick 3) games. ONCE systems are operated by the blind and disabled people, for which a special interface has been developed; SZREK systems have been integrated with the ONCE’s interface, their Corporative Desktop, to allow for accessibility for the blind. Also, the Szrek GUI (graphical user interface) multilingual feature supports Spanish language translations.

The SZREK RNG systems ensure draw integrity and transparency by creating irrefutable proof of each draw. They handle automated draw requests from ONCE’s system and log a proof of draw integrity in real-time to the Trusted Audit system, which allows to verify every draw and detects potential integrity issues – all draws will be verified by ONCE audit staff. The SZREK system ensures cryptographic randomness of all draw results and draw nonrepudiation, and the RNG has been certified for all the currently deployed games by GLI.

The Szrek platform has been field proven for thirteen years, generating hundreds of thousands of random numbers daily. The RNG and audit solutions offered by SZREK have been patented in the US and internationally, and the RNG has been certified numerous times by several labs in the US and Europe. The audit platform mathematically proves integrity of these random numbers and the associated game data. The trusted product suite has superior security and fraud detection capabilities and the RNG products have run flawlessly since SZREK’s first day of operations in 2005.

Szrek2Solutions LLC is a private, international product and service supplier dedicated to providing secure systems solutions for the gaming industry. Headquartered in Rhode Island USA, with European office in Portugal, SZREK offers product implementation, deployment and support. SZREK customers include IGT Corporation (US and International), Iowa Lottery (US), Ithuba Holdings (South Africa), Loterie Nationale (Luxemburg), Lottomatica SpA (Italy), Oregon Lottery (US), Sisal SpA (Italy), Scientific Games International GmbH (Austria), and Texas Lottery (US).