Holiday Lineup

B.C. Lottery Corp. (BCLC) will market 10 holiday-themed tickets in 2018. While all are expected to be hits, “the higher price point tickets have become more popular over the past few years,” said Shirley Park, Brand Manager, Instant Games, BCLC.

“Our $10 national holiday ticket has seen an increase in sales year over year since it launched three years ago,” added Parks. “This year’s $10 Holiday Cash design features a modern holiday feel with a white background and red and green accents. It also features top prizes of $250,000 plus over 300,000 prizes of $30 or more.”

Last year, BCLC introduced free ticket and free ticket and cash prizing during the holiday season. “Post-season redemption analysis showed engagement with these prizes. Based on this analysis, this season we made more of an investment in these prize points,” said Parks.

BCLC’s most expensive holiday game is the $20 Holiday Gift Pack. There are nine holiday-themed scratch tickets contained in a foil pouch.

In terms of maximizing holiday sales, Parks said a “strong seasonal look and feel throughout all our holiday tickets is important. We lower the odds for our holiday tickets for a better play experience.”

BCLC will offer its Tech the Halls Second Chance contest again. “We have increased the prizes that our players respond most to which are cash and gift card prizes and enhanced the navigation and game play experience. We continue to see increased engagement with this contest and it gives our players better value for the holiday season,” said Parks.