Terri Markle


Bruce La Fleur

Executive Vice President

Byron La Fleur

Associate Publisher

TLF Publications was founded in 1990 by Terri (nee La Fleur) Markle, who had spent 11 years working as a lottery editor at two trade lottery publications. She is CEO. The company’s first product was La Fleur’s 1990 Compendium of Lottery Statistics. In 1992, Terri’s husband Bruce La Fleur joined the company as executive vice president. The company has published over 90 statistical publications, including La Fleur’s World Lottery Almanac, La Fleur’s European Lottery Abstract, La Fleur’s Compendium of Best Instant Games and Principles of Contemporary Lottery Marketing.

In 1993, TLF Publications launched La Fleur’s Lottery World, a monthly newsletter. In 1995, La Fleur’s Magazine evolved into a full-color magazine dedicated to serving the global lottery industry.

In 1995, TLF Publications entered the lottery conference business. La Fleur’s Lottery Symposium was held in March 1995 in Virginia. For the last two decades, the symposium has been held every spring in Washington, D.C.

TLF launched its second conference, La Fleur’s Lottery Conclave. It is now held every fall and it rotates to different cities.

In June 2015, TLF Publications organized its first lottery conference in Canada. La Fleur’s Global Lottery Forum rotates to different Canadian cities each year. The Forum has been organized in Toronto and Vancouver. It will be organized in Halifax in June 2017.

Terri Markle is president & CEO of TLF Publications. Bruce La Fleur is executive vice president. Byron La Fleur is associate publisher of La Fleur’s Magazine.
TLF Publications’ headquarters are located in Rockville, Maryland.