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2018 Toronto Conference

La Fleur’s 2018 Toronto conference will be held June 26-28, 2018 at the Ted Rogers School of Business on the Ryerson University campus. La Fleur’s Global Lottery Forum has been rebranded as La Fleur’s 2018 Lottery INNOVATION Exchange. The program will feature a dynamite lineup of external speakers plus numerous lottery all-stars for case studies.

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Panel: U.S. Powerball

The Powerball Panel addressed growth issues in fiscal 2019 and [...]

Panel: Real World Examples of Innovations

In the panel on “Real World Examples of Innovation,” the [...]

Panel: Global Lotto Bloc Trends

Bloc lottos run in Canada, Europe and the United States [...]

Panel: Global Lottery Innovation

The Global Lottery Innovation Panel spotlighted innovation activities for the [...]

Panel: Entertaining Players

On the “Entertaining Players” panel, the discussion revolved around what [...]

Panel: Emotional Innovation

Speaking as a game designer, Long said “art is the [...]