7 12, 2020

OLG Launches Lightening Lotto


OLG’s new Lightening Lotto game has “struck” at Ontario Lottery retailers with a growing jackpot that can be won instantly in-store. “Sales after four weeks are 30% ahead of expectations,” said Adam Caughill, Director, CX Design, Lottery Innovation, OLG. This game is the first in Ontario where the winning numbers are drawn daily before sales [...]

OLG Launches Lightening Lotto2020-12-07T15:30:21-05:00
7 12, 2020

California Lottery’s COVID-19 Holiday Strategy


The California Lottery will be making substantial changes to how it markets holiday instant tickets as a result of COVID-19. “As one of the first states to close down in the pandemic, Californians have been navigating substantial changes to their lives, including how they shop, interact with brands, consume media, and evaluate their purchases,” explained [...]

California Lottery’s COVID-19 Holiday Strategy2020-12-07T14:41:42-05:00
7 12, 2020

Pennsylvania Lottery’s “Wish List” Second Chance Holiday Drawing


The Pennsylvania Lottery is again offering its Second-Chance Drawing, called the $100,000 Wish List Second-Chance Drawing. It gives players a chance to enter qualifying eligible tickets to win additional prizes. Players can submit non-winning 2020 holiday-themed Scratch-Off and Fast Play tickets, as well as qualifying winning and non-winning Draw Game tickets, including Keno. “This year, [...]

Pennsylvania Lottery’s “Wish List” Second Chance Holiday Drawing2020-12-07T14:38:52-05:00
7 12, 2020

New Hampshire Lottery’s Holiday eInstant Campaign


The New Hampshire Lottery created a Frosty Fun holiday promotion. $2 Frosty Fun is an omni channel game, where not only new iLottery players but also existing players can enter the promo code and receive $5 free iLottery dollars with their first deposit of $10 or more. “Our marketing gurus (Maura, Sydney and GYK) created [...]

New Hampshire Lottery’s Holiday eInstant Campaign2020-12-07T14:22:21-05:00
7 12, 2020

Arizona Lottery’s 2020 Holiday Program


The Arizona Lottery’s holiday scratcher advertising campaign slogan in 2020 is “Give the Gift of Joy.” “We are supporting the campaign this year with a slate of highly-produced and visually stunning television commercials, directed by award winning director Maya Albanese,” said Chris Rogers, Deputy Director, Products & Marketing, Arizona Lottery. “Ms. Albanse’s work has been [...]

Arizona Lottery’s 2020 Holiday Program2020-12-07T14:12:46-05:00
7 12, 2020

CT Lottery Holiday Influencer Campaign


The Connecticut Lottery Corp. (CLC) plans to be very active on social media and digital platforms to promote its holiday campaign—“Spread a little Holiday Cheer!” The lottery’s goal is to provide as many touchpoints as possible to get its messaging to consumers. “For the first time, Connecticut will be adding a social media influencer campaign. [...]

CT Lottery Holiday Influencer Campaign2020-12-07T14:09:47-05:00
12 10, 2020

Virginia Lottery’s Keno Goes Live


On the heels of implementing iLottery in July, the Virginia Lottery followed with launching its new 4-minute Keno in August. It was a big job in the middle of a pandemic. Keno recruitment for bars and restaurants was very difficult. “Most potential locations were closed to adhere to state and local guidelines. Also, for their [...]

Virginia Lottery’s Keno Goes Live2020-10-12T11:07:53-04:00
12 10, 2020

Minnesota Lottery Launches Its Landmarks Scratcher Series


The Minnesota Lottery launched its $5 MINNESOTA Landmark scratcher series on June 2. The lottery designed eight different scratch tickets highlighting Minnesota landmarks from across “The North Star State.” “We loved the DC Lottery tickets from several years ago called ‘Neighborhoods.’ They highlighted many different designs tied to specific neighborhoods in DC. We thought we [...]

Minnesota Lottery Launches Its Landmarks Scratcher Series2020-10-12T09:50:33-04:00
12 10, 2020

MUSL Convenes Lottery Marketing Working Group


MUSL has convened a Lottery Marketing Working Group comprised of 14 U.S. lottery marketing directors. The chair is Chris Rogers, Deputy Director, Products & Marketing, Arizona Lottery. The vice chair is Nicole Jordan, Director of Marketing, DC Office of Lottery & Gaming. The other 12 Working Group members are: Christian Hawley (Colorado); Brittany D'Haenens (Indiana); [...]

MUSL Convenes Lottery Marketing Working Group2020-10-12T09:32:03-04:00
12 10, 2020

Louisiana Lottery: Higher Payouts


The Louisiana Lottery Corp. will receive legislative relief starting in fiscal 2021 for its mandatory profit goal. “Effective July 1, our legislature approved a reduction in the percentage of revenue we are required to return to the state from 35% to 25%, giving us unprecedented budgetary flexibility. Combined with accelerating our instant game product distribution [...]

Louisiana Lottery: Higher Payouts2020-10-12T09:30:01-04:00
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