7 12, 2020

South Carolina Education Lottery: Tiny Stories Ad Campaign


Tina Tiny is on a quest to uncover “tiny” lottery winners. “Thousands of people win the Lottery every year in South Carolina, but unless they win millions, it’s like they don’t exist — until now . . . In MY world, tiny is BIG, so stay tuned for Tiny Stories across South Carolina with me, [...]

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7 12, 2020

La Fleur’s FY21 Holiday Scratcher Roundup


North American lotteries hope to guarantee stellar holiday scratch ticket sales despite uncertainty at retail by guaranteed techniques popular with players, such as marketing holiday family of games, incorporating special printing features, adding new holiday price points and keeping it all festive. The slogans for lotteries’ holiday campaigns range from heart-tugging to whimsical. For instance, [...]

La Fleur’s FY21 Holiday Scratcher Roundup2020-12-08T15:25:48-05:00
7 12, 2020

Globe Link: Holiday Instant Games


La Fleur's Magazine features Australasian, Canada and European lotteries' 2020 holiday scratchers in World Scan. Stor Julekalender Stor Julekalender is the biggest seller for Norsk Tipping at Christmas. “We have two calendars (50 NOK and 100 NOK) this year, but not a ‘gift tag’ scratch ticket this year,” said Lise Vold, Product Developer, Flax, Norsk [...]

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7 12, 2020

La Fleur’s 2020 Holiday Ad Slogan Roundup


La Fleur's Magazine surveyed North American lotteries on the slogan for their 2020 holiday marketing program. A roundup follows below: Arizona: “Give the Gift of Joy” ALC: “Make This Holiday Season a Hit!” BCLC: “Itching for the perfect scratch idea? Scratch it.” California: “Give Joy” Colorado: “Put Some Jingle in your Pocket” Connecticut: “Spread a [...]

La Fleur’s 2020 Holiday Ad Slogan Roundup2020-12-07T13:00:57-05:00
7 12, 2020

La Fleur’s FY20 eInstant Game Trends


eInstant game sales climbed dramatically for U.S. lotteries in fiscal 2020. Six U.S. lotteries (Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island) sold eInstants. Total eInstant revenues climbed 52% to $335.7 million in fiscal 2020, up from $220.9 million in fiscal 2019. Virginia Lottery launched its new iLottery platform on July 1, 2020. [...]

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19 10, 2020

La Fleur’s Fiscal 2020 Report Released


La Fleur's released its Fiscal 2020 Lottery Sales Report on October 19. The 82-page digital report (Secure PDF) is a comprehensive document that tracks the performance for U.S. and Canadian lotteries. It features the unaudited sales by game for fiscal 2020 (FY20) vs. fiscal 2019 (FY19). The FY20 report breaks out the sales by category [...]

La Fleur’s Fiscal 2020 Report Released2020-10-19T16:47:47-04:00
12 10, 2020

La Fleur’s 2020 eConference Roundup


by Terri Markle La Fleur’s 2020 Final-e-Conference broadcasted on September 1-2, 2020 concluded La Fleur’s Summer eConference series. Conference programming focused on how lotteries can pandemic-proof an organization through digital sales, touchless prize redemption, in-lane interactions and social media engagement. La Fleur’s Magazine Publisher Terri Markle interviewed directors from four Mid-Atlantic lotteries (DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania [...]

La Fleur’s 2020 eConference Roundup2020-10-21T09:40:47-04:00
12 10, 2020

La Fleur’s FY21 Lottery Marketing Roundup


La Fleur’s Magazine surveyed lottery marketers in August to survey how their FY21 marketing programs were changing in a COVID-19 world. The roundup follows below: Colorado: “In addition to our terminal happy hours, we have ramped up our contests and promotions online to engage with players more,” said Tom Seaver, Director, Colorado Lottery. Delaware: “We [...]

La Fleur’s FY21 Lottery Marketing Roundup2020-10-12T15:01:04-04:00
10 08, 2020

La Fleur’s Best Instant Games of the Year Report


La Fleur's 2020 Best Instant Games of the Year Survey takes an annual snapshot of what is trending in marketing instant tickets. The comprehensive study tracks instant practices in Canada, Europe and the United States. Among the instant marketing strategies studied are the number of instant games launched per year, the number of instant game [...]

La Fleur’s Best Instant Games of the Year Report2020-08-10T15:48:13-04:00
10 08, 2020

La Fleur’s Report: Top 4 Licensed Brands


Alchemy3 Alchemy3 helps lotteries attract a wider breadth of consumers via programs with broad consumer appeal. Our FY20 top-selling games were as follows: The Addams Family movie put a fresh twist on the kooky clan, resulting in six US lottery scratch games. Combining characters from the 2019 animated film [...]

La Fleur’s Report: Top 4 Licensed Brands2020-08-11T09:45:15-04:00
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