13 02, 2019

Gold Sponsor Spotlight: Worldpay Gaming


Worldpay Gaming presented “Understanding Lottery Player Behavior by Leveraging Card Data. Andrew Crowe, Worldpay’s VP, Emerging Markets, examined data stream. He first focused on the data stream (lottery-downstream and Worldpay-upstream). “Transaction platforms have the ability to deliver data on customers,” explained Crowe. “On cash sales, the player is anonymous.” What’s visible with a card for [...]

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13 02, 2019

Gold Sponsor Spotlight: Scientific Games


Scientific Games presented “Tech Trends to Drive Engagement.” Amy Hill, Scientific Games’ VP, Digital Content Studio, focused on today’s tech-savvy customers, who demand engagement, convenience, local and personal. “The technologies I talk about are happening now—the future of retail,” said Hill. “We make decisions faster and with less patience than ever. They want it now [...]

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13 02, 2019

Gold Sponsor Spotlight: NeoPollard Interactive


NeoPollard Interactive (NPI) presented “The Big Data Behind Big Jackpots.” According to Julin Shaw, NPI’s Director, Marketing, big jackpots are the best way to get first-time players. “There was a ton of data that came in from the recent jackpot runups. That fuels the player funnel for first-timers,” said Shaw. The three steps in the [...]

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13 02, 2019

Gold Sponsor Spotlight: NCM


National CineMedia (NCM) presented “Connect with Customers at Their Favorite Entertainment Destination: The Movies.” Chris Aragon, NCM’s Sales Director, Local Sales, focused on the 2018 box office results, as well as 2019 upcoming movies. “Q4 is pacing to send 2018 domestic box office beyond $11.6 billion,” stated Aragon. NCM is America’s movie network. “NCM is [...]

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13 02, 2019

Gold Sponsor Spotlight: INTRALOT


INTRALOT presented “Find Your Pulse: Using CRM Solutions to Build a Sustainable Lottery Business.” Kylie Reagan, Idaho Marketing Manager at INTRALOT, described CRM as a pillar of lottery modernization. Player Pulse is INTRALOT’s cutting-edge gaming CRM platform that bridges online gaming with the in-store customer experience, maximizing player engagement. “It is important for the lotteries [...]

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13 02, 2019

Gold Sponsor Spotlight: IGT


IGT presented “Self-Serving the Consumer Experience.” Dan Morales, Sr. Manager, IGT’s Retail Sales & Analytics, examined the necessity for self-service. According to TechNavio, there is an expected 49% growth in retail self-service options over the next three years. Forrester predicts 79% of customers would rather use self-service than a human-assisted support channel. How can lotteries [...]

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13 02, 2019

Gold Sponsor Spotlight: Camelot Lottery Solutions


Camelot Lottery Solutions (previously known as Camelot Global) presented “Lottery 3.0: Unlocking Sustainable Growth.”Adam Barry, Camelot Lottery Solutions VP, Sales Operations, examined player engagement in a digital world. Barry said there are three things to think about: What do we know about our customers. What is our ability to mine the data? How do we [...]

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12 12, 2018

Silver Sponsor: SCA Promotions Robert Hamman


Robert Hamman, Founder and CEO of SCA Promotions, presented “Untangling Luck and Skill.” “The basic premise is that it is necessary to understand the objective and the problem,” said Hamman. “Pundits have long opined that ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get.’” He then gave three scenarios (Mega Millions, Texas Hold’Em and Monty Hall). [...]

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12 12, 2018

Silver Sponsor: Linq3 Technologies Mark Smith Play at the Checkout


Mark Smith, CMO, Linq3 presented “The Checkout™—Linq3’s Family of In-Lane Solutions.” “In Q1 next year, Linq3 will launch a new inlane solution—The Quick Ticket™,” said Smith. “Linq3’s Play at the Checkout™ family of products includes Lottery Card™ and Quick Ticket™ providing lotteries with the ability to sell lottery in-lane in 91% of supermarkets, as well [...]

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12 12, 2018

Silver Sponsor: Abacus Tim Yahya Abacus Eco-System


Tim Yahya, Head of Retail Relations-N.A., Abacus Solutions International Group presented “Abacus Eco-System: Product, Content & Service Delivered To Retail.” Yahya said the four benefits from “Lottery Everywhere are to: increase shopping basket; drive foot traffic to the stores; improve operational cost and increase commission for lotteries.” Link to Powerpoint: Abacus Tim Yahya_Abacus Eco-System

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