25 07, 2018

Panel: Canadian Lottery CEOs


The Canadian Lottery CEO Panel focused on their reaction to the Millennial Safari panel as well as how innovation drives their organization. o Brent Scrimshaw, CEO, ALC: “We have lost about half of our 19-35 year old player base. That is common across the country. Our innovation is focused on two areas. One is how [...]

Panel: Canadian Lottery CEOs2018-08-23T14:38:25-04:00
25 07, 2018

OLG Welcome Address: Greg McKenzie, OLG


Greg McKenzie, EVP & COO, OLG gave the welcome address at the 2018 Toronto conference. Eighteen months ago, OLG set out on a new path of innovation. Their goal was to give world class gaming to the citizens of Ontario. “We’re moving into this realm of innovation,” said McKenzie. Like most lotteries, OLG is finding [...]

OLG Welcome Address: Greg McKenzie, OLG2018-08-23T14:40:03-04:00
25 07, 2018

Serendipitous Innovation: Adam Caughill


Adam Caughill, Director, Lottery Business Development & Innovation, OLG spoke on how innovation today sparks future innovation. An elevator pitch (or perhaps summary) of Caughill’s presentation would be: “If we hadn’t tried (blank), we wouldn’t have (blank).” In 2016, OLG figured out how to bring gift cards to market. The project required an investment into [...]

Serendipitous Innovation: Adam Caughill2018-08-23T14:50:39-04:00
25 07, 2018

Panel: U.S. Powerball


The Powerball Panel addressed growth issues in fiscal 2019 and beyond. “There is global interest and an opportunity to band together with some of the bloc lotteries around the world. We think we can address issues affecting the brand if we work together,” said Toyne. “Our goal is to double Powerball sales in the next [...]

Panel: U.S. Powerball2018-08-23T14:47:49-04:00
25 07, 2018

Millennial Safari: Caroline Fletcher, The Sound


Caroline Fletcher, Vice President & Partner at The Sound, in conjunction with The Hive, presented “The Next Generation At Odds With The Lottery: An Illumination On NextGen Lottery Players.” “Together with The Hive and OLG, we have been working very hard to understand the next generation of lottery players,” said Fletcher. “NextGen is under 34, [...]

Millennial Safari: Caroline Fletcher, The Sound2018-08-23T14:37:14-04:00
25 07, 2018

Five Secrets of Master Game Designers: Tom Long, GoneGypsyGames


Tom Long, Studio Head of GoneGypsy Games, spoke about the five secrets of master game designers to inspire innovation. The video game industry is a $100 billion industry. To continue to grow one of, if not the largest entertainment segment in the world, game designers need to continue to innovate. Long briefly reviewed five of [...]

Five Secrets of Master Game Designers: Tom Long, GoneGypsyGames2018-08-23T14:41:35-04:00
25 07, 2018

Panel: Global Lotto Bloc Trends


Bloc lottos run in Canada, Europe and the United States were examined in the “Global Lotto Bloc Trends” panel. Panelists provided a summary of game performance as well as what’s ahead. o Canada (ILC): “This past year was a bit flat; 6/49 was all right. Lotto Max slipped. Our core products continue to show strength,” [...]

Panel: Global Lotto Bloc Trends2018-08-23T14:35:25-04:00
25 07, 2018

The Ultimate Emotional Connector: Dave Harris, Universal Music Canada


David Harris, Managing Director, Shed Creative Agency, Universal Music Canada spoke about the power of music as “The Ultimate Emotional Connector.” The one constant in most people’s lives is the music that they love. “If you think of the biggest emotional times in your life, there is a song that is connected to this memory [...]

The Ultimate Emotional Connector: Dave Harris, Universal Music Canada2018-08-23T14:45:46-04:00
25 07, 2018

Panel: Canadian Lottery ILC Marketing Subcommittee


The conference ended with the “Canadian Lottery ILC Marketing Subcommittee panel” on the big takeaways from the conference. o Maureen Wojick, Director of Marketing, Retail & Corporate, ALC: “We are in the goose bump business. We need to appreciate that. I don’t think millennials are unique in wanting to buy products more easily, check results [...]

Panel: Canadian Lottery ILC Marketing Subcommittee2018-08-23T14:55:56-04:00
25 07, 2018

French Lotto: Adapt to Survive: Clement Atlan, FDJ


Clement Atlan, Draw-Based Manager at FDJ, presented “French Loto: Adapt to Survive.” French Loto represents the first modern lottery game for the French market. Atlan said “Loto quickly became one of the strongest French brands, enjoying a 100% share of voice and almost no internal competitors for almost 20 years. Increasingly challenged on win frequency [...]

French Lotto: Adapt to Survive: Clement Atlan, FDJ2018-08-23T14:30:14-04:00
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