16 09, 2019

Sports & Lottery: A Perfect Fit White Paper


Click here to download the white paper now for better readability! Advance pages using the up and down arrows on the pdf toolbar below. [pdf-embedder url="https://lafleurs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Sports-Lottery_-A-Perfect-Fit-Bede-Gaming.pdf" title="Sports & Lottery_ A Perfect Fit (Bede Gaming)"] It is the same age old questions that challenge every business. How do we generate a [...]

Sports & Lottery: A Perfect Fit White Paper2019-09-16T12:05:32-04:00
15 11, 2018

Responsible Gambling: More than checking a box


Download White Paper Why cross-industry, cross-market collaboration on Responsible Gambling has never been more important. Sustainability is the hot topic of the decade. Whether it is climate change, the destruction of the natural world or plastic waste, today’s generation is more concerned than ever about how the human race should be more [...]

Responsible Gambling: More than checking a box2019-09-13T11:39:02-04:00
23 10, 2016

The Psychology of Social


Once considered a fad, social media has become the epicenter of most consumers’ online experience. Many social media users express a profound connection to sites like Facebook and Twitter, while others prefer smartphone apps like foursquare. Understanding and exploring why social media has such strong behavioral and psychological connections with users can help marketers better [...]

The Psychology of Social2016-10-23T17:04:06-04:00
23 10, 2016

New Rules for Bringing Your Product to Market


What’s the one blueprint you can’t afford to be prescriptive about? A go-to-market (GTM) strategy. It provides the outline for how you will deliver your product to your customer.

New Rules for Bringing Your Product to Market2016-10-23T16:34:41-04:00
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