More Games. More Fun. No Scratchy Mess.

It’s the holy grail of businesses worldwide: continuous, sustainable growth.  But what drives continuous, sustainable growth?  It starts with a solid business model.  Lottery instant-win games are certainly that.  Fun games played for real money through familiar retail outlets to benefit local communities.

But competitive gaming and entertainment options continue to expand exponentially.  So, the best way to ensure a growth track record that continues into the future.  Focus on customers and focus on channels, simultaneously.  Both are key to keeping the engine firing on all cylinders.  Giving players a better experience, and helping retailers cut costs is a surefire formula for elevating lotteries ROI performance at retail.

What if your instant-win initiatives could result in higher lottery profits?   This opportunity is not only possible, it’s available now through Playport integration into lottery retailer’s cash register and POS systems.  Playport’s mobile ordering technology, currently used in the casino industry, is a lottery industry-first.  It uses mobile phone technology plus retailers’ scan-based check out technology to manage sale and play of retail sold lottery games.  Playport is not Internet wagering. Playport games are purchased and prizes redeemed at licensed lottery retail locations.

With Playport’s patented mobile application, state lotteries can “amp-up” instant-win gaming fun for consumer players and reduce or eliminate labor-intensive methods of managing lottery instant-win games for its valued retail channel partners.  Both.  At the same time.

This easy end-to-end gaming platform uses smartphones and the retailer’s existing point-of-sale system.  No new terminals.  No additional capital outlay.  In effect, with Playport, every existing retail cash register becomes an instant POS device for instant-win lottery games.  And Playport games must be purchased, and prizes redeemed at licensed lottery retail locations, which can drive incremental store traffic and potentially drive additional sales of other products.

Having an often-used smartphone app has arguably become today’s most mission-critical competitive differentiator.  Consumers literally do everything on their smartphones now.  Mobile gameplay is not the wave of the future; it’s crashing on the beach now.  And Playport makes mobile instant-win games economically and operationally possible for lotteries.

One of the biggest economic benefits to lotteries of the Playport platform is “built-in” risk reduction in game launch.  Lotteries no longer have to print millions of game tickets each month, while wondering if each new, printed scratch-off game concept will connect with players.  Playport instant-win games eliminate the pre-printed scratch-off tickets, and Playport’s “fast refresh” platform reduces the risk of innovation through real market tests of game design concepts.  With little effort, Playport games are frequently added and dropped in response to changing player interest and marketing opportunities.  This “no pre-printed tickets” approach also gives lotteries an opportunity to potentially expand their retailer base to new retail outlets where paper tickets/retail clutter was a barrier-to-entry before.

By digitizing the instant-win gameplay experience, Playport’s smartphone platform allows for the collection of players contact information, demographic and geographic data points, and specific player purchase characteristics.