2019 Fleurry Competition

The 2019 Fleurry Ads

We invite you to vote for your favorite ads submitted by over 40 North American lotteries for La Fleur’s 2019 Fleurry Ad Competition. Winners will be showcased at La Fleur’s 2019 Lottery Conference in Austin, Texas (which will be held November 18-21, 2019). For 10 straight days, LaFleurs.com will pulse out a link to view four new Fleurry ad submissions. The previous videos from the day before will be removed and new ads will be uploaded. You only have a limited time to vote on each video so don’t procrastinate!

Don’t see a video? Use the search feature (magnifying glass on the menu bar) and search the lottery’s name!

Issues Voting? Just refresh the page!

ALC: The Weeks of Our Lives

Arizona Lottery: Triple Twist

Arkansas Lottery Razorbacks

BCLC: Winners Campaign

California Lottery Monopoly Play for Real

Colorado Lottery: Family of Games

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