In December, the Florida Lottery will launch a $2 I Love Lucy™ scratcher. It is licensed from Alchemy3.

“Across all player types and demographics, I Love Lucy was one of the top-performing brands we tested at the $2 price point in an Optimix Research project performed in FY 2016. The findings from our Optimix study deemed it a product worthy of consideration,”said Justin Rock, Director, Product & Research, Florida Lottery.

The lottery has printed the first 10 million tickets as holiday scenes and the remaining 4 million tickets are non-holiday.

“We look to capitalize on I Love Lucy’s appeal, brand equity and holiday timing to do most of the heavy lifting with this game,” said Rock. “The remaining 4 million non-holiday tickets are designed to transition well into the general market during our peak sales period of the fiscal year. We designed the game with a bridge strategy in mind, knowing most of our attention is focused on ensuring ample holiday inventory supply. In the event that we sell out the holiday scenes early, we believe the non-holiday scenes would also work well during that time.”

The lottery will stage a big “I Love Lucy” event at Lake Sumter Landing in the Villages during the ticket’s launch week on December 10. The theme is a 1950’s Sock Hop. Besides competing in a lottery dance off, attendees will meet Lucy impersonator, Erin Cline.

“Alchemy3 has been great to work with, providing ticket art concepts, assisting in designing POS materials and offering resourceful ways to promote the product. Their team presented the brand to us in October 2015, along with a comprehensive package of marketing support considerations. A3 offered ideas on how to tie the game launch into our live events, opportunities for advertising the game on television and a strategic plan to extend the life cycle of the product with a variation of scenes. The package of marketing support that Alchemy3 brought to the table for ‘I Love Lucy’ gave us a lot of options to choose from, which is extremely favorable and aids in our decision making as we always appreciate a partner who brings a creative, comprehensive and turn-key package to the table,” said Rock.

The lottery expects the I Love Lucy ticket will index above 100.