Holiday instants traditionally shimmer with the festive spirit of the season, and this year the glow has grown to a whole new dimension. Several U.S. lotteries have opted for creative holographic approaches from Scientific Games. Here’s a snapshot of what will be delighting players at retail in the coming weeks:

Georgia Lottery                                (GLIMMERING GIFTS VISUAL)

Glimmering Gifts adds excitement to 2016 holiday sales, taking Linked Play action one step further with holographics, adding an element of surprise. Players scratch to reveal shiny, holographic symbols that are part of the play experience. The Lottery’s first Linked Play Holographic game, Sparkling Surprise, launched during the 2015 holiday season with solid sales performance.

Kansas Lottery                                        (GROUP OF THREE GAMES VISUAL)

The Lottery has featured a holographic family of games this season with $1 Holiday Bucks, $2 Holiday Dough and $5 Holiday Cash. Perfect for the holidays, these Integrated Holographic games are designed so the shimmer of the holographic stock appears throughout the entire ticket—including the play area—which maximizes the entire experience.

Ohio Lottery                                            (GROUP OF FOUR GAMES VISUAL)

 Holiday games are expected to sparkle and the Ohio Lottery’s Holiday Lucky family of games does not disappoint. The family features $2 Holiday Lucky Times Five (two scenes), $5 Holiday Lucky Times Ten and $10 Holiday Lucky Times 20. The games glow with a Sparkle™ holographic foil stamp pattern applied to specific areas of the ticket to highlight certain design elements such as the game title and the play spots in the overprint area. It can also be applied throughout the entire ticket for a more exciting game design. The Sparkle option comes in holographic or foil-like finishes offering a variety of dazzling design options.

In a competitive retail environment, holographics bring a new dimension to today’s instant games—piquing players’ interest and providing a fun, memorable experience with the lottery’s brand during the holiday season.