INTRALOT, Inc. will launch the U.S. lottery industry’s first-ever multi-state instant terminal game (ITG) in spring 2017. The Miss Match® game costs $5 and features a shared progressive jackpot management system.

“Win if you miss, win if you match—two ways to win one instant jackpot” is the slogan for Miss Match.

It is a game changer. “It will be the first multi-state ITG,” declared Scott Hoss, Senior Marketing Manager, INTRALOT. “The jackpots that will be created by sales in all states will completely change the existing progressive jackpot games.”

“Several states have entered into the market of selling the hybrid instant win/online games,” observed Ohio Lottery Executive Director Dennis Berg. “These states are seeing new incremental revenue gains that come from a product line that is relatively easy to execute and manage. However, Miss Match will be the first of these hybrid games that offers a progressive jackpot on a multi-state level.”

Incorporating the progressive jackpot management feature is critical to the game’s success. “We know that from Ohio’s experience with our first progressive EZPLAY® Bowling 300 game. It was very successful and we are still selling the same game several years after its introduction into the market,” said Berg. “Progressive jackpot features are proven to work and keep players interested in the game.”

INTRALOT has spent the last two years working on the concept. “We pitched similar ideas as an add-on to Powerball and leading into the national game discussions,” said Hoss.
Running an instant win product as a bloc game is financially attractive. “Going through the multi-state route will allow for faster growing jackpots and more frequent jackpot wins compared to a single state selling the game alone,” said Berg. “We know players are always excited when jackpots rise.”

Miss Match will be operated by the Multi-State Instant-Win Pro Group that came into existence in 2016. “Currently the lotteries interested in the initial launch of Miss Match are D.C., New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, and Vermont. Each of these lotteries currently contract with INTRALOT to operate their gaming system,” noted Berg. “There were collaborative conversations going back several months on this game concept. The consortium agreed that it would be easiest to execute the first multi-state progressive game in which all states are using the same gaming vendor. This would allow more uniformity on the technology platforms used in order to ensure a smooth roll out of the game to the players.

The group members agreed to a $5 wager for Miss Match. “The $5 price point is a very popular price point among instant ticket game players and we feel this pricing strategy will be successful as we launch Miss Match,” noted Berg.

Among U.S. lotteries, the $5 scratcher ranked number one in gross instant price point sales in fiscal 2016.

Each participating lottery can create its own prize structure and overall odds. They contribute 10% of each sale of a Miss Match ticket to the shared progressive jackpot, which starts at $5,000 and rolls until it gets hit. INTRALOT said each participating lottery shares the liability of the jackpot prize based on the individual state’s percentage of contribution to overall sales. All secondary prizes are the participating lottery’s responsibility.

All of INTRALOT clients were invited to participate in group. “We asked all of our customers even if they don’t sell IGT games,” said Hoss. “I believe most if not all will join the game if they can legally play ITG games.”

Non-INTRALOT states will also be able to sell the product. “We are happy to entertain other lotteries interested in joining the group,” said Berg. “Again, all states currently involved utilize INTRALOT as their gaming vendor and, as such, each state already has a contractual agreement for INTRALOT to operate game transactions on their behalf.  Since INTRALOT does not have contractual relationship with non-INTRALOT clients, exact agreements and terms will need to be determined when we cross that bridge.”

Plans are “penciled in (although, very dark pencil) for go live date in the beginning of April 2017,” said Hoss.

There will be an integrated marketing campaign. “We teamed with J. Walter Thompson Worldwide to provide marketing assets for the game,” said Hoss. “We will have a website and mobile app available as well.”

Instant win games have been a big hit with players with U.S. lotteries seeing year-over-year increases for the product. In fiscal 2016, Ohio Lottery ranked #1 in gross ITG sales. In the U.S., ITG sales grew 48% to $258.2 million, according to LaFleur’s Magazine.