According to Hazen Paper Company, the Texas Lottery’s “$5 Million Vegas Challenge” represents a milestone in the history of holographic games.
“The magnitude of this holographic series of games exceeds that of any other holographic game or program that we’ve produced in the lottery industry to date,” said Bob Hazen, Hazen Paper Company. “This holographic family series of games represents our single largest holographic lottery order in the history of scratch-off games!”
This themed series, in which every game features the Texas Lottery’s “$5 Million Vegas Challenge” second-chance promotion, is composed of six different games at price points ranging from $1 to $30, with a top prize being offered of $3 Million. It is a multiplier family.
At La Fleur’s 2018 Austin Conference, Texas Lottery Operations Director Ryan Mindell gave an indepth presentation about scratch family promotions. He described this multiplier family as “near and dear to my heart,” since it was the first project he worked on after assuming his new position.
According to Mindell, the Texas Lottery had four specific requirements. The promotion had to cover the entire family of games. It needed to feature unique prizes that are compelling to players. The promotion needed to have low costs, so the overall prize structures for the games would not be negatively impacted. And the cost of the promotion had to include fulfillment and special printing features.
“With the full holographic treatment, these tickets are really sharp!” said Mindell.
The Texas Lottery launched the $1 and $20 tickets on December 3. The $3 ticket went on sale on December 17. The $5, $10 and $30 tickets launched January 7. The staggered launch dates help keep the family “new” for players.
“The games are selling extremely well, and we are very pleased with early results,” said Mindell. “The $1 game, 10X, has a six-week index of 159 and the six-week index for the $20 game, 200X, is 128!”
“The visually consistent theme that pulls all of these games together is enhanced by the use of Hazen’s recyclable holographic paper,” said Hazen. “Hazen’s Dollar Bills and Fireworks pattern has been selected to be the backdrop for the entire series.”
The use of Hazen’s holographic games continues to grow, with its progress being fueled by their heightened performance combined with the increasing number of higher price point instant games that are being introduced into the lottery marketplace.
“This record-breaking series of holographic games is just one more example of how everything is bigger in Texas!” said Hazen.