In the future, lottery operations will be omni channel and customers will do business with your lottery in the way they choose to do it. Sports betting and new multi-player games may well be at the forefront of a new way of playing the lottery on mobile phones, in social environments, online, or even at gatherings in their very homes. Players’ devices will be interactive with television and computer screens. The traditional way of playing the lottery will also exist at retail but the delivery of products will look nothing like it does today. We are at the very beginning of the transitions from a world of atoms and physical delivery into the world of electrons and a digital delivery. This process will go on for many years, but the first step is the integration of your Central Gaming System (CGS) directly into the retailer’s ePOS. Not only will this improve the operational efficiency of the retailer by reducing labor and shrink, but it will allow for a seamless delivery to the player in the channel they choose.
Abacus’ fully managed service offering includes:
o Lottery In-Lane, Self-Checkout, and Self-Serve
o Instant ticket sales and validation through our gateway
o Ticket by ticket delivery of instants where supported by your CGS
o Sports Betting where supported by your CGS
o Online delivery where allowed by State law
o E-commerce and Mobile solutions
o Abacus games portfolio, including Bill Paid
o Retailer loyalty solutions, follow-on promotions and 2nd chance draws
o Dedicated management portal: control and monitoring of all services
Abacus—the gateway at the heart of connecting consumers, retailers and lotteries in the global market.
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