Schafer Systems commenced its test of The Lottery Center™ at 15 Hoosier Lottery convenience stores in August 2019.
“The Hoosier Lottery is the first U.S. lottery to place The Lottery Center at retail,” said Teresa Immel, Senior Director, Sales & Marketing, Schafer Systems (2018) Inc. “There will be 15 retailers conducting a test with sales comparisons for 10+ weeks.”
Director of Key Accounts for the Hoosier Lottery Tracy Butler added, “We’ve been working with Schafer on the Lottery Center project. We wanted a modular unit that combined all of our equipment into one clean, eye-catching display. We are pleased with the look of the final product. Most retailers maintained or reduced their existing lottery space allocations while being able to add more games with an enhanced visual of our products. We are looking forward to seeing the sales impact.”
A few noted retailers participating in the 10-week pilot are—Rose City Quick Pick, Pike Country Mark, Jacksons Mini Mart, New Castle Shell and Speedway. Installations took place over July and August.
“The Lottery Center could remain stationed at these locations even after the 10+ week test,” said Immel. “With favorable test results the lottery will consider additional purchases to expand into other retailers.”
The pilot will finish in October and the Hoosier Lottery will examine the sales impact. Retailers’ initial reaction to The Lottery Center has been positive. “During the installations, the retailers commented how they liked all the components in one place and how clean and organized it looked,” said Immel.
Immel described Schafer Systems’ latest innovation as “a new way to merchandise instant games, sell instant games, create game awareness, jackpot awareness and deliver the lottery’s message about these games.”
According to Immel, the three key elements of The Lottery Center’s design are:
1) Promotional: This unit provides the lottery an opportunity to promote their products and brand in an organized and clean presence.
2) Position/Visual: This unit centralizes some of the lottery’s equipment within one unit creating better awareness of the lottery products.
3) Product choice: This unit creates a visual of both instant and online game availability along with an option to check existing purchases for winners.
All lottery components are located in one clean and bright display in The Lottery Center. The modular design unit features a 30-game lighted ticket menu board, an electronics component to house existing lottery monitor, mini jackpot sign, ticket checker, playslips and a smaller 6-game lighted ticket menu board to highlight Family of Games, new games or other specialty games. The Lottery Center can be roto-molded in any color. The Promoter® dispenser, lottery terminal and printer can be placed behind The Lottery Center on the counter.