3 Lottery Anniversary Campaigns in 2022


Pennsylvania Lottery: #ShowUsYourLotteryLove Social Campaign

The Pennsylvania Lottery rings in its 50th anniversary on March 7, 2022. In conjunction with this special anniversary, it is launching a brand campaign entitled “Lottery Love,” where the agency celebrates lottery players’ love for the PA Lottery from their own unique point of view. In its comprehensive media plan, the lottery conveys the burst of fun and excitement that players get playing the Lottery.

“First we plan to showcase our influencers in a #ShowUsYourLotteryLove social media campaign, where our followers will be asked to show us the ways in which they love the PA Lottery, using the hashtag,“ said Kelly Cortez, PA Lottery, Director of Marketing, Pennsylvania Lottery. “We also have nano-influencers, a group of smaller level influencers (1-10k followers), which we’ll utilize to share our content. In exchange, we will provide them some Lottery products to promote and giveaway.”

Promotions done at sporting events may be changed due to COVID, however for now the plan is to do a #ShowUsYourLotteryLove photo booth (backdrop, props and iPads to collect UGC for owned channels) at sporting events, with a possible coupon/swag prize integration during In-Game Fan Interactions. “We also have plans for similar events, but at a smaller scale, at our retailers,” said Cortez.

A special Facebook live drawing, inside the Pennsylvania Lottery’s museum room featuring Executive Director Drew Svitko will occur on March 7. It will give followers an inside look at Lottery history and a chance to win commemorative 50th anniversary logo merchandise.

“Our social media efforts will go on to include paid social on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We plan to utilize highly visual and high impact placements to increase engagement such as Stories, Reels, and Mobile Canvas units paired with Newsfeed placements to achieve efficient reach. We also plan to launch a special Snapchat Lens or Filter to be even more impactful,” said Cortez.

The Out-of-Home marketing to support Lottery Love includes permanent and digital OOH boards. “Our programmatic Digital OOH plans are to intercept players in relevant environments such as bars, casual dining, salons, gyms, ride shares (3,500 screens across Pennsylvania). We plan to increase our presence within both OTT and OLV partners, utilizing premium, high impact units such as homepage takeover skins, first impression takeover skins and full-screen mobile units to create memorable ads,” she added.

The Pennsylvania Lottery remains the only state lottery to direct all proceeds to programs that benefit older residents. Since ticket sales began in 1972, it has contributed more than $32.6 billion to fund property tax and rent rebates, transportation, care services, prescription assistance, and local services including senior centers and meals.

SCEL 20th Anniversary

South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) launched its 20th Anniversary Campaign in January. “Each month we will launch either an updated throwback ticket or a South Carolina themed ticket. All games that launch during 2022 that are flagged are part of the 20th Anniversary Promotion. These games will be eligible for the monthly drawings,” said Ammie Smith, Director, Product Development, SCEL.

SCEL will award 20 winners with $2,000 each month. As part of that campaign, on May 31, 2022 the Carolina Gold multipler FOG will launch on May 31. “We are really excited about the year long promotion we are doing with our 20th Anniversary. Since we do not have an official loyalty program, this gives us the opportunity to engage with our players all year long and across all price points,” she said.

Hazen Paper Company: The 20-Year Instant Success

While most of us want to leave 2020 behind, the year saw trends that are continuing into 2022 and may be here to stay. One explosive trend is consumers’ continued demand for high price point instant games.

Hazen Paper introduced the first holographic game to the lottery industry more than 20 years ago. The company evolved and adapted to meet the continuously changing instant game ecosystem. In 2002, the average lottery launched just two instant games of $10, about 2% of the mix. Today, double-digit price point games are 29% of new game launches.

“As the price points go higher, the breakeven for holography drops,” noted Robert Hazen, Executive Vice President, Hazen Paper Company. “A 1% increase in sales on a $30 game pays for the added cost of holographic board. Sales beyond that 1% increase generate incremental profit.”

Lotteries use premium stock to launch higher price point games, mark organizational milestones and, increasingly, to add continuity to families of games (FOG) launches. “The strongest trend we see is the use of holographic material for FOGs,” said Hazen. “The holographic material visually pulls all of the games of the whole family together.”

Hazen Paper makes extensive use of data analytics to demonstrate the efficacy of holography, using indexing and other key performance indicators (KPIs) to make its case. In one particularly interesting example, Hazen’s data wizards compared a FOG with some games printed on plain stock, others on holographic board.

“In North Carolina, half of the family was plain board versus holographic,” explained Hazen. “The holographic games indexed between 165 to 197 while plain board stock indexed between 119 to 137. The main difference between the games was the stock.”

Other states have seen similar results. “The Texas Lottery recently ran a holographic FOG,” said Hazen. “The average index across this entire series was 143. Their $5 game was the top performing game in this series which generated an exceptional index score of 202.”

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and there are imitators in the market,” quipped Hazen. “We bring several unique differentiators to the lottery. Everything Hazen produces is made in the U.S. Over the years, we have brought every aspect of production in-house. Hazen has invested in creating custom designs and industry-leading proofing abilities. All of those features benefit the lottery with quality, reliability and eye-popping results.”

Hazen continues to innovate for the lottery industry with particular attention to holiday games. “We have recently developed a series of custom holographic patterns for the 2022 holiday season,” promised Hazen. “Since the holiday season is a major selling season for instant games, we anticipate that these new patterns will be very well received.”