September/October 2023’s “The Lottery Biz”


Ohio’s Rolling Retailer

The Ohio Lottery created a “rolling retailer” by customizing a promotional van. The lottery can sell tickets from the van, as well as use it as a rolling billboard.

“This is year one and we are excited to be putting this plan into action. We look forward to the learnings from this sponsorship season and will apply best practices to future uses,” said Kenneth Dauenhauer, Brand Manager, Ohio Lottery.

The Ohio Lottery purchased a standard Dodge Promaster van. “The customization shop cut two windows in the side of the van for customer interaction, mounted and secured our lottery selling terminal, installed lockable cash drawers, lockable storage cabinets, counter space, and plenty of outlets. The van has an air conditioner and heater for climate control in less-than-ideal conditions. For those sunny events, there is even a powered awning. All things in the van can be powered by a cord plugged into the side of the van or by the onboard generator. The coolest addition is the custom wrap. It lets everyone know the Ohio Lottery is here!” he explained.

The lottery decided to upgrade to the Sprinter van when it saw similar vehicles “crossing our highways promoting other brands … The van is useful for many statewide sponsorships, and it can be used for unannounced surprise and delight ‘pop up’ events,” added Dauenhauer.

The lottery hit the road for its first event at a music festival in Columbus called “Sonic Temple.” It is the fourth-largest music festival in the country. “The van has a big footprint, so we are very visible at events now. The retailers who sell from the van really like it! With the air conditioner and heater, it is more comfortable than the old trailer,” said Dauenhauer.

There are opportunities year-round to use the van at live events. “Thinking strategically, we have selected many local music festivals since we are promoting Living Lucky with Luke Combs; however, there is limitless potential for the van,” said Dauenhauer.

Lotteries Embrace Digital Evolution with App Developments

Multiple lotteries reported revamping or making changes to their lottery apps in fiscal 2024.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) retooled its Arkansas Lottery + Club App earlier this year. Now ASL will spend time in FY24 reintroducing it to players as a way to enhance their lottery play with convenience and added value. The club offers Points for Prizes, special promotions, and second-chance winnings.

“We will be enhancing our engagement strategy in FY24. We plan to use data analytics from our Arkansas Lottery + Club app to better target core players, infrequent players and those who might consider playing. We’ll also develop and implement flexible media strategies designed to support key product launches and proceed-generating games. This will also entail increasing our digital footprint as it pertains to the overall media mix,” said Ashley McNatt, Marketing & Advertising Director, Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

The DC Lottery will launch its new mobile app in the fall. “The app will allow players to scan and check their tickets, play their favorite online games, and enter fun new promotions all from the palm of their hand,” reported Jayre Reaves, Director of Marketing & Communications, DC Lottery.

The Hoosier Lottery’s goal in FY24 is to make a seamless user experience between desktop, mobile, and app. “The website and mobile continue to be a vital tool for our players,” said Brittany D’Haenens, Director, Marketing, IGT Indiana on behalf of the Hoosier Lottery.

The Massachusetts Lottery is working on merging its Second-chance app with its Massachusetts Lottery app. The lottery plans to introduce the mobile play slip feature in fiscal 2024.

The Pennsylvania Lottery plans to redesign its mobile app in calendar year 2024.

Hoosier Lottery Launches Winner Celebration Kits

The Hoosier Lottery launched Winner Celebration Kits to further extend the winning experience for players claiming $50,000 or more at the prize payment office in Indianapolis.

The branded Hoosier Lottery kit promotes Positive Play and the myLottery program. It includes a congratulatory greeting card with a message from Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah Taylor and lottery merchandise.

In FY24, the lottery will utilize the learnings from the pilot to expand all three prize payment offices at winning thresholds of $25,000 or more.

Maryland Lottery’s iGaming Study

Maryland Lottery & Gaming is scheduled to deliver a study of iGaming to the Maryland General Assembly by November 15.

“The study will examine the potential impact of iGaming on the Lottery and other forms of gambling in Maryland, and will help to inform lawmakers’ decision-making regarding iLottery and iGaming,” said Kate Airey, Director of Product Development, Maryland Lottery & Gaming.

Florida Lottery Unveils TRIPLE MATCH Holiday Games

The Florida Lottery will offer a TRIPLE MATCH holiday family of games at the $1, $2, $5 and $10 price points in FY24. Tickets go on sale on October 30.

In addition, the lottery launched a limited-time holiday pulse of the $20 – $5,000,000 TRIPLE MATCH on September 18, 2023.

“The Bonus Play promotion is another appealing feature that drives purchases, adds play value and provides opportunity to instantly win gift cards and coupons, as well as entry into drawings to win cash prizes. Players can enter eligible TRIPLE MATCH Scratch-Off tickets and JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY® Draw game tickets into the $5,000,000 Holiday Bonus Play for extra chances to win! Each ticket entered will earn one or more entries into a drawing for cash prizes up to $20,000! Plus, just for entering, players will be awarded more than $4,000,000 in instant-win Spending Spree e-gift cards and over 50,000 Lottery coupons,” said Diane Recoy, Senior Product Manager, Florida Lottery.

Connecticut Lottery’s New $30 CASHWORD Ticket

The Connecticut Lottery Corp. (CLC) spun off its first $30 CASHWORD ticket. The CASHWORD family now includes a $3, $5, $10, $20, and a brand-new $500,000 CASHWORD. “Launch date is scheduled for late September,” reported Pete Donahue, Senior Director, Marketing & Sales, Connecticut Lottery Corp.

Connecticut Lottery’s New Address

The Connecticut Lottery Corp. has moved its headquarters to Wallingford, Connecticut.

The lottery’s new address is: 15 Sterling Drive, Wallingford, CT 06492.

Texas Lottery’s Advertising

As part of its strategy for advertising cutbacks, the Texas Lottery (TLC) is partnering with its lottery vendors, sponsors, and retailers for major product campaigns to be launched in FY24.

“We are running digital coupons only accessible through the TLC app,” said Will Russ, Products Manager, Texas Lottery. “We are running banners on our website and mobile app promoting scratch and draw games.”

There will be vendor-provided turnkey promotions, paid social media, POS, local events, and activations, which will be built into the lottery’s marketing programs for family of games and second-chance promotions.

The Moody Center will be added to the marketing mix in FY24. “The Texas Lottery continues to partner with the University of Texas Football, San Antonio Spurs, Austin FC, Texas Rangers and Moody Center. The Moody Center is a new music and sports venue that features the best and biggest names in the music industry and hosts UT Men’s and Women’s basketball,” said Heidi Moreno, Advertising and Promotions Manager, Texas Lottery.

The lottery is “partnering with a select group of retailers to run an exclusive co-op (Buy $5 or more of Pick 3™ and receive one free $1 Lotto Texas® Quick Pick). If a group of retailers runs the promotion, they print, distribute and display TLC-created POS for the promotion during its month-long run,” said Russ.

Multi-State Mega Money Jackpots Unveiled

Two East Coast U.S. lotteries launched a new multi-state progressive jackpot, branded as Mega Money Jackpots, which will deliver multimillion-dollar prizes to eInstant players.

“The Virginia Lottery, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Lottery and IWG, launched the first-ever multi-state progressive jackpot online game. Through sales of linked games sold by the participating lotteries, the progressive jackpot will be able to grow faster, and there is the ability for more states to join over time,” said Scott Kenyon, Strategic Games Manager, Virginia Lottery.

Get Spooked and Win Big: Pennsylvania Lottery’s Halloween Scratchers Arrive

The Pennsylvania Lottery will be giving the $5 scratcher price point and Halloween a boost this year. There will be a full marketing push including television. “Advertising will feature the new $5 Make Me Witch game,” said Kara Sparks, Director of Products, Pennsylvania Lottery.

During the first quarter of FY24, Pennsylvania Lottery players also had the chance to win big with PRESS YOUR LUCK® eInstant, Fast Play, and Scratch-Off games, “all having lots of fun with the loved and dreaded Whammies,” said Sparks. The games were supported with a second-chance drawing, social media marketing, POS, and out-of-home advertising.

Massachusetts Lottery’s Instant Ticket Size Makeover

The Massachusetts Lottery changed the size of its $1 and $2 instant tickets in August 2023.

“For our $1 tickets, we are increasing the ticket size from 2.5-inch x 4-inch to 3-inch x 4-inch and decreasing the number of tickets per book from 300 to 150. For our $2 tickets, we are decreasing the number of tickets per book from 300 to 200,” said Tom Aiello, Instant Tickets Product Manager, Massachusetts Lottery.