IGT staged a Spin Party on the rooftop of Austin, Texas’ Speakeasy for all attendees of La Fleur’s 2016 Lottery Conclave. Helping the company celebrate the launch of iHeartMedia—IGT’s newest licensed property—was nationally recognized iHeartMedia DJ Jonathan Garcia.

“Connect with your players through music, influencers, and the power of sound with iHeartMedia music-themed instant tickets, exclusively from IGT,” said Pat Schmidt, Sr. Director, Brand Licensing, IGT. “This multi-platform media and entertainment company delivers entertainment from across the globe through a combination of radio, digital, outdoor, mobile, social, TV, and live events, reaching more than 110 million listeners every week and over a quarter of a billion monthly listeners in the U.S. every month!”

With the largest national reach of any radio or television outlet in America, iHeartMedia delivers an incredible opportunity to connect with consumers and drive awareness and sales of any lottery game. “In addition, social, digital, and onsite promotional support is available to connect with your players on multiple levels and drive excitement for your game,” said Schmidt. “With thousands of wildly popular local and nationally recognized live shows, you can give your players the second chance experience of a lifetime. Amp up your players’ experiences with iHeartMedia branded lottery games and promotions, only from IGT!”

Multi-Year License

IGT Global Solutions Corporation has entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with iHeartMedia, Inc. granting IGT the property licensing rights to develop and distribute iHeartMedia and iHeartRadio-branded lottery products and promotions throughout the United States. The agreement is effective as of November 10, 2016.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with iHeartMedia, a company that serves over 150 local markets across the country, with the ability to truly reach our Lottery players throughout the United States,” said Michael Chambrello, Chief Executive Officer, North America Lottery. “With the ability to leverage multiple iHeartMedia platforms including radio, online, digital, mobile, social, and personality influencers, as well as live concerts and events, together iHeartMedia and IGT can develop very compelling, targeted, and customized programs for Lotteries. Not many other brands can offer that kind of reach, and we are excited that iHeartMedia has selected IGT as their partner.”

“iHeartMedia is thrilled to partner with IGT in order to reach lottery customers in new and exciting ways,” said Peter Volynsky, Vice President, Business Development & Partnerships, iHeartMedia. “With our wide-reaching, musically diverse footprint, we’re excited to help lotteries across America leverage the popularity of the iHeart brand and offer lottery players one-of-a-kind experiential prizes”

IGT can develop iHeart Media-licensed games for all lottery channels. The agreement is for the broad iHeart Media brand, not just iHeart Radio, and it covers all lottery channels—traditional and digital—according to IGT officials.

iHeartMedia leverages its multi-platform assets, as well as its vast infrastructure and relationships, to create one-of-a-kind events like the iHeartRadio Music Festival, innovative national and local promotions, and ground-breaking technology and products, according to www.iheartmedia.com.

Several North American lotteries have used concerts for second-chance contests and promotions. This license allows lotteries to offer a prize popular with music lovers.

“We can absolutely offer once-in-a-lifetime, money can’t buy experiential prizes/trips that include VIP access, concert tickets, private concerts, celebrity meet & greets, 5-star hotels, VIP transportation, etc. to iHeart concerts and awards shows,” said Schmidt.