A vibrant lottery environment demands flexibility and an eye on the future. Fastrak, leading global supplier of retail point of sale (POS) display solutions to the lottery industry is securing that by launching a range of new patent applications across Europe, Eurasia, the United States and China, ensuring it’s perfectly poised to meet future demand for lottery point of sale display requirements with great new products.

“With more than 15 years’ experience in international lottery markets, we have a deep understanding of the lottery environment and extensive knowledge of consumer behavior which we refine to create innovative solutions which captivate players and drive sales,” said John Barrett, Fastrak’s Managing Director.

Harnessing lottery growth and the ability to react rapidly to demand is critical. That “future-facing” innovation is driving the continued success of the unique Fastrak Lottery Solutions POD Scratch Card Dispenser System. The fully modular system provides a full range of flexible configurations due to leading-edge joining features and integrated removable locking base. The design ensures maximum impact and consumer engagement while building-in adaptability for future sales growth with its complete range of tactical and promotional accessories.

“We have always looked to push the boundaries of design and innovation when it comes to our products which has seen us become the supplier of choice to many lottery operators around the world,” noted John Barrett.

The business is working with specialist patent law firm HGF to protect its unique POS display product designs, favored by a broad range of European lottery organizations, including Premier Lotteries Ireland, Novomatic—Lotería de Catalunya, the Belgian National Lottery and operators in Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia.

With patents already granted for its 3-position lock and modular clip features which allow individual units to be clipped together to build its own integral structure, Fastrak recently gained a notice of allowance for this highly effective POS solution in the United States. Reflecting the company’s growing prominence in the global lottery market, the team at Fastrak and HGF are now in the process of securing a further nine patents across five international markets.

“We have ambitious international growth plans and the work we are investing now to protect our designs will be key in achieving them,” explained Barrett. “Our concept design and prototyping expertise is an integral component of our end-to-end service, complementing our gold-standard manufacturing capabilities and our commitment to deliver market-leading fully engineered solutions. Our team includes some of the best point of sale product designers in the world, and we equally owe it to them to protect their work, time and ingenuity as we grow as a business.”