Patience, as the adage goes, is a virtue. For ProLite President Andy Kaoh, patience is a business strategy. The man who brought PAC-MAN™ to millions and Day of Drawing signs to the lottery retailer market has a new value proposition—the “partner with ProLite” guarantee.

“I brought PacMan to the states in the early 1980s,” recalled Kaoh. “When PAC-MAN was first introduced, Space Invaders was the big game. The industry said, ‘Give us more space games.’ I had to wait for the market to turn. It was the same thing when I developed changeable jackpot signs, Day of Drawing signs and displays that could indicate jackpots of $1 billion. I see the future. It just takes the present a little time to catch up.” (Koah holds over 50 U.S. patents.)

The visionary spirit is once again changing ProLite and its value offer to the lottery industry.

Backed by decades of experience and loads of research, Kaoh feels confident enough to offer a money back guarantee that his products will increase draw game revenue.

“We are transforming ProLite from a sign supplier to a full service sales and promotional company,” declared Kaoh. “We will guarantee a lift in sales after a lottery puts in our proven package. If we don’t make those numbers, we will rebate part of the cost of the equipment back to the lottery.”

ProLite continues to innovate to meet the needs of lotteries and their retailers. The company will exhibit transparent jackpot signage with “see-thru technology” designed to be seen from the outside without the inherent clutter factor.

“Many convenience stores do not want anything hanging in the windows,” noted Kaoh. “We have two types of jackpot signs that address that problem. One is the frameless concept. The other is a standalone unit designed to sit six to 12 feet inside the store. It can be seen for up to 230 feet.”

Another innovation that ProLite is championing this fall is the Day of Drawing option for jackpot signs. “Players continue to be confused about which day a particular game is drawn,” said Koah. “The Day of Drawing option on our signs helps reinforce which brand is drawn on which day.”

This is especially relevant for infrequent players as lotteries add more draw days for multi-jurisdictional and in-state games.

“Since we introduced Day of Drawing, six lotteries have implemented this important feature,” said Koah.