The next innovation is here. It is called The Lottery Center—and it is creating a big impact at retailers.

Officially unveiling at this year’s NASPL tradeshow in Cleveland, the longtime trusted lottery vendor Schafer Systems is launching this new product. The Lottery Center encompasses all things related to retailers to promote lottery ticket sales and provide a modular solution.

“The Lottery Center can sit on a retailer’s counter. The footprint is modular as the product width can be added to with additional pieces if the retail location has more space. The idea was to create a centralized unit for promoting the instant and draw games. Previously, retailers had simply placed them in multiple locations throughout a store. There was a real risk that lottery players never saw some items,” said Teresa Immel, Sales & Marketing Director, Schafer Systems.

This unit takes all that indecisiveness on where to place lottery-specific materials and makes a huge impact by putting it all together. “The Lottery Center is still modular in that it has different units that can be placed together or separate,” explained Kayt Gabrielson, Product Marketing Manager, Schafer Systems.

For instance, there is a Hardware Unit that has areas to house hardware items, such as a monitor. There is a place to mount the hardware for the “Check Your Ticket” unit, hang jackpot signage and hold playslips. “Alternatively, each area can also be a place for marketing material instead,” said Immel. “The Lottery Center offers a high level of flexibility for a retailer to customize.”

Finally, there is a Ticket Menu Board Unit that displays instant ticket voids. “It is lighted to create a dramatic effect for the cards to pop more inside the store,” said Gabrielson. “In addition, customers can choose to add-on other pieces. For example, additional units could be utilized to display more instant ticket voids or used as a display space to highlight new games or other material.”

First-to-the-market, this highly visible piece is sure to make an impact for retail locations.

“We began our focus group research last year at the NASPL tradeshow in Portland,” said Immel. “We talked to multiple marketing and sales directors from U.S. lotteries to find out what they needed to effectively merchandise their products at retail. Speaking to our customers about custom solutions drives a lot of our product innovation.”

Since Schafer System’s inception over 30 years ago, the company continues to focus on providing unique lottery items, including dispensers and displays.