Hoosier Lottery’s most successful Holiday Scratch-offs continue to be at the $1 and $2 price points, optimal for gifting. “We will leverage our historical success by launching traditional holiday-themed artwork, and focusing on a ‘loaded’ prize level at each price point,” said Jackie Cuthbert, Product Manager, Scratch-offs, IGT Indiana. “Specifically, the $1 Festive $50s will be loaded with $50 prizes and $2 Holiday $100s will be loaded with $200 prizes. Unique to this year’s efforts, we have broadened our 2nd Chance promotional opportunity to include all non-winning $1 and $2 Scratch-offs.”

Crossword Scratch-offs continue to be popular. “We are excited to offer a $3 Holiday Crossword, Candy Cane Crossword Tripler, for the first since 2014,” said Cuthbert. “We will also bring back the popular Scratch My Back™ play feature with the $5 Gold Series, with two pulses: Silver & Gold and Green & Gold.”

As far as trying anything new with its marketing of holiday scratchers this year, the organization will continue to leverage retailer insights during the holiday time frame to strengthen its marketing efforts.

“This year’s campaign will utilize a three-phased approach that drives awareness during the start of the shopping season,” said Brittany D’Haenens, Senior Brand Manager, IGT Indiana. “Two weeks before Christmas, we will shift communication to drive urgency leading up to the holiday. Across the entire campaign period, we will drive loyalty of our app, especially amongst new and light players, where they can scan tickets to see if they’ve won and enter their non-winning $1 and $2 Scratch-offs into the Game On! 2nd Chance Promotion. The loyalty phase differs from previous years as this focus extends from the start of the holiday season through January, when we know 2nd Chance entries are strong.”

In select marketing pieces, the Hoosier Lottery will feature its IGT-licensed The Voice Scratch-off for its gift-giving potential as well as to highlight the upcoming 2nd Chance entry deadline. “The ticket offers players chances to win $100,000 instantly, as well as a 2nd Chance to enter to win a once-in-a-lifetime VIP Experience to Las Vegas and LA with other The Voice fans and exclusive trip experiences,” said D’Haenens.

While the Hoosier Lottery’s traditional Holiday Scratch-offs are offered at the $1 and $2 price points. the lottery is launching a $3 Holiday Crossword in 2018. “We also focus on the $5 Scratch My Back ticket in holiday efforts, as well as $5 The Voice in select pieces,” said D’Haenens.

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