Playport Gaming Systems, a Kansas- based gaming technology provider, offers a real money wagering and marketing software platform that allows lottery retailers to sell digital custom-designed instant win games.

The company promises to seamlessly integrate with the existing point of sale systems, mobile apps and internet properties, with no additional hardware or capital expenditure. The firm allows lotteries to increase points of sale in existing multi-lane and non-traditional retailers.

Playport is changing how instant win games are played and sold by providing players more choice and a better game play experience through the use of mobile based ecommerce.
Playport gives players an easy way to buy instant win games on their phone. The company says their platform offers an unlimited selection of entertaining and rewarding game products that can be easily selected and organized.

Players buy instant win games and collect winnings at a lottery retailer with a simple barcode scan. They can play games on their mobile device when and where they choose.

Playport brings the benefits of mobile to lotteries and lottery retailers by using the same ticket purchase and prize redemption process currently used and meets all regulatory, accounting, security and auditing requirements. Playport allows their client’s a ‘cord cutting’ option, making instant win games economically and operationally possible by eliminating the high cost of ordering, securing and managing inventory of a large number of printed game tickets and overcoming the challenge of displaying a large number of games and extra hardware, without cluttering the retail space.

Playport is custom designed as a “white label” application, integrating directly into the client’s digital properties and loyalty program and reflecting the client’s brand design, providing for a seamless consumer experience.

“Playport can be custom-branded to align with the lottery and retailers marketing strategy, providing both with the tools to fundamentally change how the sales and marketing of instant win games is conducted and strengthen their relationship with players through loyalty program enhancements,” said Jim Nulph, Chief Revenue Officer, Playport Gaming Systems.

“We bring to the gaming industry a ‘long tail’ revenue engine similar to Netflix, Amazon and iTunes, allowing the industry to economically sell both mass appeal and niche game themes. The result is a gaming product portfolio that appeals to all audiences and works within existing lottery infrastructures and regulatory environments,” elaborated Nulph.