Schafer Systems designed the new 24-Game Ticket Menu Board Indoor/Outdoor Curved (known as the IOC TMB) for installation at fuel kiosks in 10 states where The Kroger Co. sells lottery tickets.

“Over 800 units are installed or in the process of installation throughout Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia; 78 more kiosks will be coming on board soon in Michigan,” said Shay Wahl, Sales & Marketing Manager, Schafer Systems.

The IOC TMB has a weather stripping inside the door which helps maintain water resistance. This unit also offers the option to add signage to the back of the unit, optimizing the footprint.

“Schafer’s been a great partner to Kroger,” reported Jessica Macleod, Senior Manager of Prepaid Services for The Kroger Co. “We plan to add or expand lottery in fuel centers and Money Services, but of course space is always an issue. We also need different ticket merchandising solutions for better customer visibility. Shay Wahl visited with our lottery team and toured several fuel center and grocery store locations to help identify possible solutions for our lottery dispensing and display needs. Her team designed our new IOC TMB and Promoter® dispensers to perfectly fit our available space while maximizing the number of lottery games we can offer. They also work closely with our installers and lottery partners to ensure a smooth installation simultaneously in multiple states.”

Menu boards are highly effective in merchandising lottery games at fuel kiosks. “It is often difficult to see lottery displays behind the glass in kiosks and large displays minimize the view of the pumps by the kiosk employees,” said Wahl. “This unit creates a bold visual with a ticket display on the front and a lottery call to action on the back.”

Kroger will use lottery POS on the back of the unit. “Schafer and Kroger worked together designing a removable graphics panel on the back of the unit that can be switched out as often as desired,” said Wahl. “The lotteries designed the artwork and Schafer has been printing and including the new graphic panels with the initial orders.”

Schafer also designed two new dispensers for inside the Kroger Fuel kiosk to maximize the space available. “We are now in the process of working on displays and dispensers for Kroger’s Money Services counters,” added Wahl. “It’s been a true pleasure working daily with the Kroger staff to accomplish their lottery display and dispenser goals.”