The North American State & Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) annual conference is always an experience. From the glowing new lottery retail technology, to the powerful analytics that inform high-performing portfolios, to instant game innovations, the energy on the exhibit floor is at full tilt.

One of the innovations that shined brightest this year was Sparkle® Select, a new product line from Scientific Games offering up to 75 different combinations of color and holographic patterns for instant games. The inspiration was Sparkle games, which have surpassed $1.5 billion in retail sales since launching in 2016.

The product development team behind Sparkle Select was inundated with interest from lottery product managers spinning the wheel in its NASPL exhibit to come up with their favorite combos of colors and holographics.

“The best part of our job as an instant games partner is innovating new game options for our customers. So we developed up to 75 different options for lotteries to experiment with using Sparkle Select,” says Jeff Martineck, VP Instant Product Development for Scientific Games. “Now it’s their opportunity to get creative. You can bet we will be seeing many of the Sparkle Select wheel spins at NASPL 2019 in holiday and special occasion games to come.”

Lottery product managers at NASPL did not disappoint. Some of the favorites from their Sparkle Select combinations of colors and holographics included:

  • Black + Cross Light pattern—a twist on black game designs
  • Red + Rounds pattern—a real pop for new Pop Art game designs
  • Gold + Iris pattern—simulates the cobra skin on a new Snake Eyes game design
  • Green + new Jungle pattern—adds value to money-themed game designs

Other favorites were on-trend Rose Gold™, color patterns like Aqua and Copper, and new holographic patterns that can make instant games appear to have velvet, water drops or smoke in the design.

But Sparkle Select games are not just about appearance, they perform. The very first game was produced for the New Hampshire Lottery, Sparkle Select $500,000 Fortune launched in August 2019 and would become the Lottery’s best-selling $10 game in 2018-19, indexing 30% better than other $10 games.

“Sparkle Select adds a very unique quality to a game, it elevates the lottery’s brand and conveys a luxury scratch game experience,” shares Martineck. “We work our customers’ game portfolios to help them drive sales for specific consumer segments with specialty games like this, which can really capture attention at retail, particularly during the holidays.”

Scientific Games’ 2020 Holiday Game Catalogue will feature more than 20 Sparkle designs including games featuring the new Sparkle Select.

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