Major retailers and North American lotteries are moving closer than ever before. This is creating some challenges to both the lotteries and large chains. Instant ticket dispenser manufacturer Take-A-Ticket is fostering that transition with their version of mass customization.

“At Take-A-Ticket, we specialize in  listening to those needs and addressing them with a customized solution,” said Take-A-Ticket President Seth Tigner. “We understand both the retailers’ needs and those of the lottery. The retailers want to know that it will fit the brand. The lotteries have requirements for the number of bins.”

Many of the chains are reconfiguring the inside of their stores and recognizing the lottery as a key partner in their success journey. “I think the lottery corporate account managers may sense this more than other lottery executives, but there seems to be a big shift in retail right now,” suggested Tigner. “Retailers are going with different profile dispensers and displays with a certain look and size to them.”

Take-A-Ticket is strategically positioned to take advantage of these trends. “We have a dedicated in-house staff that specializes in custom design and speedy turnaround,” noted Tigner. “Typically, we get a request from a lottery or retailer and my brother Zach goes to work on it. Zach is a genius and there is no other way to say it. He will produce a prototype and change it as he gets feedback. We always keep in mind that the job of the dispenser is to sell more tickets.”

One recent example is a request from a retailer to create a dispenser that would fit on a drink machine. “It was a little taller than normal and curved. The next day Zach had a prototype built,” said Tigner. “Every time TAT creates a new design, it adds to the company’s capabilities and catalog.”

For example, Take-A-Ticket helped 7-Eleven explore ways to increase sales, improve product visibility and help the consumer make a purchase decision before they approach the register. Take-A-Ticket has developed an on-counter lighted display that showcases 32 games. This is being tested in 20 stores in Texas. Take-A-Ticket is developing a custom Scratch display for Circle K that will sit between the two registers.  Due to height and width constraints, Take-A-Ticket is developing a low-profile, convex display to address this unique need.