The Arizona Lottery released its latest white paper, “Growing Incremental Revenue with Triple Twist,” detailing the development of the all new Triple Twist game into a successful replacement for multiple under-performing draw games ( It has become a successful local staple.

The 21-page report describes, from inception to execution, the strategies behind the Arizona Lottery’s efforts to grow revenue and return to beneficiaries within the constraints of tribal gaming compacts and state statutes. Readers will learn about:

• The five-step process that took this idea from focus groups to jackpots.

• The education oriented launch strategy that maximized buy-in from players and retailers.

• The unique play-style that increased the odds of winning and captured players’ imaginations.

• The strategies that enhanced our players’ experience and boosted the bottom-line return to the Lottery.

• The comprehensive traditional and digital promotional campaign that vaulted Triple Twist into player awareness.

Readers will also be able to examine metrics and game development documents that will provide insight into the entire Triple Twist launch process that resulted in the successful replacement of two fledgling draw games in Arizona Lottery’s portfolio.

“This is excellent information for people at every level of Lottery,” Arizona Lottery Products and Marketing Deputy Director Chris Rogers said, “Adapting this Multi-Hand Easy Win (MHEW) style of draw game to Arizonan’s player preferences has made this game a vital and vibrant revenue stream for our beneficiaries. Triple Twist is a great game for us and it may serve as a model for other lotteries looking to grow their incremental revenue.”