With $20 scratch games on everyone’s wish list this season, the Missouri Lottery gave its players a little something extra with Merry Multiplier—its second holiday Scratch My Back® blockbuster, this year with a glimmering Sparkle® option.

“It’s a winning recipe: Fun, festive and eye-catching, with a touch of added play value,” says Missouri Lottery Scratchers Product Manager Bill Burton.
The icy blue and silver game has three more bonus games on the back—not that the top prize of $300,000 and a bonus play opportunity on the front of the ticket aren’t reason enough for Missouri players to give as gifts or enjoy themselves.

“‘Tis the season’ to believe in product enhancements, because Merry Multiplier is selling 33% ahead of the Missouri Lottery’s $20 Scratch My Back holiday game last year, which was truly the best-selling $20 holiday Scratchers game the Lottery had offered until Merry Multiplier,” shares Lori Denton, Regional VP Instant Products for Scientific Games, whose account and creative teams worked with the Missouri Lottery’s team on both the 2019 and 2020 games.

What was the game planning strategy behind the holiday magic?

“Last year we decided to do something different from the oversized or specialty tickets we’ve done in the past with our $20 holiday game. We were looking for more growth, so we went back to more traditional Scratchers roots, adding a Scratch My Back feature for greater play value,” explains Burton.

The Lottery saw the growth the teams were looking for—52%, in fact.

“Because of the growth, we brought a $20 Scratch My Back holiday game back again this year. We added the Sparkle option for extra appeal, and our players really seem to love the game. It has a great holiday feel,” says Burton.

Based on sales performance last year, the Missouri Lottery planned ahead for 2020 demand and ordered a larger quantity of tickets for Merry Multiplier. And Missouri players were definitely ready to start scratching for holiday wins.

Merry Multiplier was 52% sold at press time, with six weeks to go until the major holiday week. Incredibly, Merry Multiplier is performing 60% better than the Lottery’s $20 non-Scratch My Back holiday games.

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