The Hoosier Lottery will introduce its first family of games (FOG) in February. The slogan for the LOADED Scratch-off family is “Heavy with Fun.” IGT produced the ticket.

“This will be the first family launched that has a low top prize offering at all price points. We expect to see lots of winners often, and will utilize winner awareness in-app and on social to communicate the number of winners to players,” said Jackie Koenig, Product Manager, Scratch-offs, Hoosier Lottery.

The lottery is utilizing social media, digital and retail point-of-sale to help drive awareness and interest in its new game offerings. According to Hoosier Senior Brand Manager Brittany D’Haenens, the team will “bring support to life through heavy media, marketing and promotional efforts. Our campaign efforts demonstrate that the LOADED tickets are heavy on fun and loaded with top prizes up to $2,000.”

Bowing to increased interest in all things digital, D’Haenens added, “We are excited to offer our myLOTTERY members a free mini digital game, LOADING ZONE, available on to help promote the new ticket offerings and extend the benefits of our myLOTTERY program.”
Partnerships with traditional media channels will also support the LOADED Fog launch.

“We are also utilizing our TV and radio partnerships to conduct LOADED with FUN promotions for chances to win LOADED Scratch-off prize packs,” explained D’Haenens. “We will also be conducting a variety of limited-time promotions with our retail partners to help drive further excitement of the family and their loyalty programs.”

The LOADED Scratch-off will also receive attention on social media after launch. The same is true for draw games and responsible gaming (RG) messaging.

“We will be using Facebook and Instagram promoted and organic posts to support new games and jackpot and winner awareness messaging,” said Matthew Cooper, Digital Manager, Hoosier Lottery. “We will also drive awareness around our tools and resources available to keep play positive in support of Problem Gambling Awareness Month in March and Financial Literacy Month in April.”

Hoosier Lottery’s myLOTTERY Club is a key tool for one-to-one engagement with lottery players. All new in January, Hoosier Lottery launched a brand-new myLOTTERY benefit called “Hoo Knew?” Trivia.

“Players have the opportunity to participate in the weekly trivia question on the app for a chance to win a Hoosier Lottery prize pack. Questions are themed around Indiana and Hoosier Lottery products, where the money goes and CSR messaging,” said Cooper.