The Texas Lottery incorporated a 25-play spot feature, typically attributed with the Advent Calendar designs used for Christmas tickets, for its $10 holiday ticket.

Called Holiday Countdown Super Ticket, the $10 ticket featured three games plus a Bonus Gift of Green. “The tree/present game (Game 1) on the ticket does have 25 play spots but this was not intended to be an Advent calendar/countdown,” said Dale Bowersock, Instant Products Coordinator, Texas Lottery.

“The multiple games included on the ticket was intentional to ensure adequate play value for players who are familiar with our other oversized games in market and for players who may have purchased this game for the first time,” he added.

The Holiday Countdown Super Ticket was featured in the holiday advertising flight which included radio, out-of-home, in-store POS, digital media, ESMM at lottery retailer locations and was included in a retailer pack settlement promotion.

For the first 11 weeks of Holiday Countdown, the average weekly sales are $3,473,309. “The agency is pleased with Holiday Countdown’s performance of $38.2 million in sales through week 11 and 72.8% sell through,” said Bowersock. “The Holiday Countdown ticket is the agency’s third Super Ticket to be produced. We selected a smaller print run of 5.2 million. The first Super Ticket, with print run of 8.2 million, had sales of $70.6 million and 86.6% sell through in the first 11 weeks. The second Super Ticket had a 12.2 million print run with sales of $63.2 million and 51.8% sell through in the same 11-week period.”

In 2014 the $10 Holiday Magic ticket’s sales totaled $39.2 million. In 2015, the $10 Happy Holidays ticket produced $36.5 million in sales.

In 2016, Texas Lottery decided to reduce the number of holiday scratch tickets from six to four. “Eleven weeks of sales for those four holiday scratch tickets totals $92.1 million,” said Bowersock.