Veikkaus, along with the Finnish Defense Forces, will be the main corporate partner of the 2018 Finnish Arena next summer. The Arena’s theme is safety, tolerance and responsibility.

“Next year Finland Arena themes are very suitable for the value of our world. Responsibility is the whole core of our business. It means as well a responsible way of providing cash games Finnish and accountability of the beneficiaries,” explained Velipekka Nummikoski, EVP, Veikkaus.

Veikkaus returns more than one billion euros a year for its beneficiaries. This revenue provides equal opportunities for children and young people, as well as engages parents, regardless of the thickness of the wallet. “I believe that this work has a huge impact on our society, security and tolerance. Through cooperation agreements, we can provide a wide range of excellent places to bring this work forward next year for Finnish Arena,” said Nummikoski.

Veikkaus chooses to only sponsor its beneficiaries. “We want to tell authentic stories to our customers and our partners’ target groups,” said Johanna Kozul, Head of Sponsorship, Veikkaus. “Our goal is that every Finn knows how they benefit from our proceeds. At the same time, we want to thank our customers, as they are the ones that make all this good happen in our society. With our sponsorship partners we put great effort into our customer loyalty program, aiming to offer remarkable benefits to our loyal customers. We study our customer segments thoroughly in order to choose the partners who earn the greatest interest among our customers. It may not be surprising that the majority of our sponsorship partners are from sports, culture and music. As we sell our games daily, we also activate our sponsorships more often than just during major events – almost daily.”