The Florida Lottery will debut a new brand anthem in fiscal 2019.

“We want the citizens of Florida to know that every ticket is a winner for education. So, enjoy that moment of entertainment knowing you’re contributing to enhancing education throughout Florida,” said Amber Seale, Chief of Brand Management, Florida Lottery.

It will also be a feel good ad. “We are striving to strike an emotional chord for sure! Bringing to life these real stories will create authenticity and human connection to our brand,” she explained.

The Florida Lottery has three core brand pillars—1) play, 2) responsible gaming, and 3) education.

“To me, our brand anthem will be formed around this third pillar, where we can connect emotionally with every Floridian on the impact they make when they play,” said Seale.
Since many Floridians still don’t know that the Florida Bright Future Scholarship Program is primarily funded by the Florida Lottery, it is critical to disseminate this message.

“We’re amplifying this message through storytelling, bringing to life the impact Bright Futures has had on those throughout the state of Florida,” stressed Seale.
The Florida Lottery has messaging in the market now “but will launch more new work next fiscal year (anticipating August),” ended Seale.