Arizona Lottery is rocking out with its all-new Alice Cooper-branded instant ticket which launched in August.

“You know you’ve made it in this world when you’re an answer on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, a likeness of your head is on a PEZ dispenser, or if your face is plastered all over an Arizona Lottery ticket,” said Alice Cooper.

This first-ever Alice Cooper ticket features three different images of the rock icon.

“We are excited to join legendary musical artist Alice Cooper with this exclusive ticket,” said Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar. “The Arizona Lottery is dedicated to supporting vital programs that serve people across the state and we are proud of the work Alice is doing with his organization, Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock, to provide incredible resources, positivity and excellence for Arizona youth.”

Cooper is, in fact, an Arizona native. “In addition to being a world-renowned Rock n’ Roll musician, Alice Cooper is a beloved community partner with Arizona,” said Chris Rogers, Deputy Director, Products & Marketing, Arizona Lottery. “Doing a ticket made sense considering his ties and service to the community through Solid Rock, a teen center giving disadvantaged youth the opportunity to develop their musical and artistic talents free of charge. We share some of the same beneficiaries through agencies serving children in state care.”

The lottery is definitely courting non-lottery players with this one-of-a-kind ticket. Rogers said the lottery has “been flooded with questions from fans across the globe, trying to buy these tickets. Unfortunately, we can’t sell lottery tickets by mail or online, but we have created a limited line of posters depicting the ticket art. Alice plans to sign the poster and they will be available for purchase through Solid Rock with all the proceeds going to the teen center’s efforts to develop these kids’ talents.”

The rock n’ roll ticket includes six top prizes of $50,000 and top-of-the-line second chance prizes, such as VIP tickets and pre-show party access to Alice Cooper’s Annual Christmas Pudding Concert, Alice Cooper memorabilia and more.

The experiential prizing could be a big draw for music fans and experience-seeking millennials. “Our second-chance prizing offers unique experiences only available through these tickets. While Alice Cooper is known by fans of all ages, he is more beloved by those who are his contemporaries and remember his hits when they were first released,” said Rogers.
To promote sales to as wide an audience as possible, the Arizona Lottery is “sponsoring a concert series in partnership with the Arizona State Fair. Our ticket van will be on location and we will be selling the Alice Cooper tickets,” said Rogers.

In terms of sales performance, Rogers stressed that the primary motivation to launch a Alice Cooper ticket was not revenue-oriented.

“These tickets should perform at an average index, which is phenomenal considering it is competing with more generic tickets that are targeted to regular lottery players,” said Rogers. “This is not a ticket designed for our core players, but is intended for more toward casual players and Alice Cooper fans. We can see this over-performance through our earned media value alone, generating $325,000 in public relations and press mentions in the first month of release.”

A quick Google search for the Alice Cooper instant ticket revealed that the game has excited interest among non-lottery audiences (such as Ultimate Classic Rock) as well as traditional media and online websites, such as LoudWire, iHeart, AZCentral and ABC News Radio Online.

“Alice Cooper is not just a rock musician. He is an actor, an entrepreneur and has expanded beyond his iconic music status, becoming synonymous with the mission of the Arizona Lottery: making dreams come true while giving back to our community,” said Rogers.