Loto-Québec anticipates its new spin on an Advent Calendar will be a hit again in 2018. The original Calendrier de l’avent was launched in 2017 as an oversized ticket. It was a “first timer.”

“We pushed our limits even further this year with various game play, playful and charming phrases to discover each day and a new prize structure. Plus the design is on trend this year,” said Anne-Marie Voyer, Department Manager, Products & Development, Loto-Québec.

Three other holiday tickets will be on sale.

“We have revisited our scratch ticket/holiday gift tag this year, now at a $5 price point for 10 gift tags [Étiquettes-cadeau], with winning gift tags in each pack,” said Voyer. “Plus we’ve added to the collection a $3 Holiday Crossword with a nutcracker die cut design. This will surely stand out in the tray. Last, but not least, another classic, Cadeau Surprise $2 will diffuse a wonderful Christmas Tree scent (fir balsam scented ink) to put everyone—retailers and customers—in the Christmas spirit.”

In addition to offering new $10 holiday games—Advent Calendar and Richesse des fêtes (ILC ticket)—Voyer said “we are also celebrating the 30th anniversary of our Classic holiday ticket, Celebration $25.”

Key to Loto-Québec’s success for its holiday tickets is “creating product that drive emotions, telling a great story and executing powerful merchandising with various POS and tactical activities,” stressed Voyer.