The Pennsylvania Lottery will be testing in-store grocery store advertising at Giant Eagle stores for the 2019 holiday season. The test will include 6” x 8” Shelf Talkers (two per store), 24” x 36” floor graphic decal (one per store), and 8.75” x 6.75” cart signage (30% of carts).

Shelf Talkers will be placed near gift cards or bakery, Floor Graphic in front of greeting cards and double-sided Cart signs on the front of the cart. “Sixty stores will be included in the test and 22 will be excluded as ‘control’ stores for a post-holiday sales analysis,” said Weyant.

The main message is “Make Their Holidays Merrier!” with a sub-heading where possible of “Add a Holiday Scratch-Off!”  One alternative message being used in the bakery or candy area is “Make Their Holidays Sweeter!”

“We see growth opportunities within the grocery retail channel and look forward to increasing our presence within the store during the holiday season, reminding shoppers that holiday Scratch-Offs make great gifts for those who are 18 and older,” said Weyant.