MUSL has convened a Lottery Marketing Working Group comprised of 14 U.S. lottery marketing directors.

The chair is Chris Rogers, Deputy Director, Products & Marketing, Arizona Lottery. The vice chair is Nicole Jordan, Director of Marketing, DC Office of Lottery & Gaming. The other 12 Working Group members are: Christian Hawley (Colorado); Brittany D’Haenens (Indiana); Nancy Rollins (Missouri); Jeff Hewitt (Mississippi); Anne Carpentier (Montana); Jill Marshall (Nebraska); Wendy Ahlm (New Mexico), Frank Suarez (North Carolina); Ammie Smith (South Carolina); Josh Whiteside (South Carolina); Lou Ann Russell (Tennessee); and, Chuck Klink (Wisconsin).

“The mission of the group is to provide marketing consultation in the form of research findings, strategic plans, campaign development and promotional development to aid in informing the decision making process of the MUSL Marketing and Promotions Committee,” said Rogers.

The Lottery Marketing Working Group currently will meet for monthly teleconferences.

According to Rogers, “there are four key priorities for FY21 that the group will focused on. These include:

• Gathering survey data from players in jurisdictions to be compiled for a national overview of Powerball. The group hopes to achieve this by standardizing questions that can be locked into each jurisdiction’s respective brand tracking surveys. The questions will explore current attitudes towards the Powerball game as well as attitudes regarding potential game changes. We hope to be able to cross-reference responses with other relevant data points like game play frequency and average ticket.

• Develop a marketing and promotion Request for Proposal (RFP) framework that will help define the marketing goals and objectives of the Powerball group and ideal partnership alignment that will best serve participating jurisdictions.

• Establish a working repository of marketing concepts, promotions and best practices that can be shared among participating jurisdictions.

• Develop strategies designed to get the most out of promotional partnerships such as dick clark productions (dcp).”

This is only the second time in the history of MUSL that the organization has organized a subcommittee of marketing directors.

“In 2019, the Chair of the MUSL Development Committee at the time, Gary Grief (TX), formed a Product Development Subcommittee to explore additional game products. This year, Marketing & Promotions Committee Chair Gregg Edgar (AZ) established the Lottery Marketing Working Group which is comprised of lottery marketing professionals from lotteries whose directors serve on the Marketing & Promotions Committee,” said Arizona Lottery Director Gregg Edgar, who serves as chair of the MUSL Marketing & Promotions Committee.