OLG’s new Lightening Lotto game has “struck” at Ontario Lottery retailers with a growing jackpot that can be won instantly in-store.

“Sales after four weeks are 30% ahead of expectations,” said Adam Caughill, Director, CX Design, Lottery Innovation, OLG.

This game is the first in Ontario where the winning numbers are drawn daily before sales begin, so each ticket has a chance to win the top prize—a jackpot that starts at C$125,000 and grows with each play—as soon as it is purchased. It is C$2 per play by Quick Pick.

“Our lotto players love lotto games and jackpots, but there’s a gap in between the purchase of your ticket and waiting for the draw. Lightning Lotto fills that gap. By drawing the winning numbers in the morning before sales start, our players can buy Quick Picks throughout the day to try and match the winning numbers as the jackpot grows and grows,” explained Caughill.

When a Lightening Lotto ticket is requested, the lottery terminal screen plays an animated lightning bolt and thunder crack, creating excitement for the player and others in the store.

“The great thing about Lightning Lotto is that lightning can strike anytime, anywhere. We’ve had seven jackpot winners in the first month, and they all happen at the point-of-purchase. Lay down two bucks and BOOM! you’ve won C$709,000 on the spot, at a gas station. So cool,” said Caughill.

Players can buy up to five plays on a ticket. Each play consists of three lines of five numbers from 1 to 49. Odds of winning any prize are 1 in 4.47.