We’ve spent a lot of time preparing for the La Fleur’s conference that is coming to Toronto at the end of June. This is an open invitation and recruiting trip for me to invite all of you in DC and the thousands of people watching online to come join our event in Toronto at the Ted Rogers School of Business.

Toronto is even cooler than the video shows. There is less dancing in the streets. OLG is the VIP host for the event in Toronto (June 26-28). If you were in Halifax last year, we had an innovation theme. We decided to continue that theme for this conference. Terri has named the conference, LaFleur’s Lottery INNOVATION Exchange. The theme is “Modernize or Die.” This is a provocative look at our industry. We will look at meeting the ever-changing expectations of our customers in an increasingly digital world. As hosts, we have been working closely with Terri to curate speakers and great event venues. The perspective will be the challenges we face but the view from outside the industry.

We have an impressive list of outside speakers. I am leading the charge from OLG. Marie Horton is co-leading the event. I think you are going to be impressed with what we have put together. For those of you who attended the first Canadian conference four years ago, you will remember the venue. The location is the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. It is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, steps away from the epicenter of the city, Eaton Centre. The hotels are within walking distance. It is a great location.

Our speaker list is impressive. There are other industries that have faced the challenges that we have faced and overcome those challenges. One of those industries is the NBA. If you have been to an NBA game and been immersed in the sport, they have done quite a bit to market themselves with digital content. Dan MacKenzie will present on how the NBA creates an in-game entertainment experience. It is about music including DJs in the crowd. The NBA is going to tell their story of how they have taken the digital and social opportunity. It turns their players into superheroes.

A guy named George Sautter from Cineplex will present. Cineplex used to run movie theaters. Netflix and others have changed that business. This is an industry that has been turned on its ear in terms of new customer behavior. They have done a great job of evolving into an entertainment and services company. George Sautter is a fascinating man who have created something called Rec Room which I will talk about in a moment.

Laura Mingail works for Entertainment One. eOne does content for the TV and movie industry. They are world-renowned for their virtual reality (VR) content. She has spoken at SXSW and CES this year. She will talk about how lotteries and gaming can leverage VR. This is a can’t miss presentation.

Eric Morris is joining us from Google. Eric is going to talk about changing customer behaviors. He is going to talk about what is next and how Google addresses change. He will talk about where consumers are headed and how that might give us some insight into how the world is changing.

From the Toronto Blue Jays, we will hear from Andrew Miller. A few years ago young people would have said baseball is something my grandfather watches. Sound familiar lottery industry? They have done a nice job of remaking their brand, using music and fashion. If you go to the games in Toronto, it is all millennials. They have sped up the games. It is a cool experience. Andrew is going to talk about what Major League Baseball has done it across the league and in Toronto.

Tom Long is a renown expert in the video gaming industry. He is talking to us about how you trigger the body chemistry. I am very excited to hear what Tom has put together on that front.

David Harris will be in Toronto. He is from the music industry which is another industry that has been turned on its head because of customer preferences for technology. He is going to talk about how they changed their business and how they are now thriving. This one is going to be cool because David runs the Shed Creative Agency-Universal Music Canada. He is bringing in three entertainment CEOs from across the continent. David will conduct an indepth interview with them on how they change their industry.

Rob Myers, CEO of Ipsos, will be here. This should be an interesting presentation. You will hear futurists talk about how consumers change and react to technology. They will explore if anyone has asked the customer how they feel about technology. Are you ready for how your customers integrate with technology?

Armida Ascano, Chief Insights Officer forTrend Hunter, is our keynote. She is fantastic. If you have never been to Trendhunter.com, check it out. We use it extensively and it has really helped us. Armida is going to talk about GenY and GenZ. She will point out the differences and what you can expect of the next generation.

We are proud of the lineup of speakers. For such a low price, you are getting a pretty good bang for your buck. One thing I am looking forward to the most—millennials. Look at them. But we need them to play the lottery. So OLG’s Marie Horton had this idea. Whenever we hear about millennials, we always hear about what they like and what they don’t like. It is always some middle-aged researcher telling us the results. Why don’t we bring in a bunch of millennials, have them on stage telling us what they like and don’t like? They will tell us, and this is the name of the segment, “Why We Suck?” Through our agency HIVE, we have recruited a bunch of millennials. We are sending them on lottery safaris. They are going to video document their experiences. We will share their experiences on stage. We are handing out “We suck t-shirts.”

George Sautter from Cineplex will describe the firm’s entertainment facilities that offer VR experiences. It is an adult theme playspace. Rec Room is where we are having our opening night reception. Everyone is going to eat, drink, experience VR and get game tokens. It is a neat evolution for Cineplex business model.—As presented by Adam Caughill, Director, Lottery Business Development, OLG