A weekend “Day in D.C.” would start with DC Lottery Executive Beth Bresnahan putting on her jogging pants and sneakers before she began her early morning run to the Lincoln Memorial. Running on the National Mall is nirvana for runners and walkers. You can so easily lose yourself in the wide open paths, tree-lined sidewalks, extravagant plant life and national memorials.

“My favorite place to visit is, and always has been, the Lincoln Memorial,” Breshanan explained. “When I first moved here, I would set out on a several-mile jog every weekend with the memorial as my destination. The steps and inside where President Lincoln sits are always packed with tourists, so I like to sit at the back of the building that faces Virginia and collect my thoughts, as well as build up stamina for the run home.”

She also knows that a night run is a great way to claim the city as your own. “I also highly recommend visiting late at night when the memorial is illuminated and the crowds have dispersed. It’s truly a spectacular sight,” she explained.

Congressional Page

Living in Washington, D.C. is not new to Bresnahan. She served as a Congressional page and lived in a dorm on Capitol Hill in the early 1990s.

“I was a teenager at the time; there weren’t too many places I was allowed to go on my own,” said Bresnahan. “Luckily, my grandfather Jeremiah was also working and living here at the time. He was an amazing chaperone and gave me and my friends the insider’s guide to the city. It was a great bonding experience. He passed away several years ago, but I know he’d be very proud to see how my career has evolved and that it eventually brought me back to DC.”

After her jog, she might head down to Georgetown for lunch or shopping. Georgetown is the oldest section of D.C. It is located west of Dupont Circle and south of Upper Northwest. Residents successfully defeated an effort to establish a Metro station.

Homes in Georgetown date back to 1751. It is the powerbroker’s neighborhood. The elite who claimed it as a home include Jack and Jackie Kennedy. Washington Post author Carl Bernstein lives in a mansion. Julia Child lived in a yellow rowhouse on Olive Street. It is a favorite with natives and tourists who love to roam the intersecting M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, eat al fresco and wander down the back streets.

“Every block has a restaurant or store worth stopping into. My two favorite restaurants in Georgetown are both Italian, but couldn’t be more different from one another. Ristorante Piccolo on 31st Street NW has fresh rolled and cut pasta. And I love the meatballs. Everything is so fresh and delicious. A few blocks over on Wisconsin is 90 Second Pizza – it’s a hole in the wall that cooks the freshest thin-crust pizza with whatever toppings you’d like and it takes only 90 seconds to cook. It tastes so good that it takes me only about 90 seconds to eat it,” reports Bresnahan, laughing.

She also admitted to one “secret” places that she likes to frequent but might not be know to the typical tourist? “If you are a fan of cupcakes, or sweets in general, skip the chain shops while you’re in Georgetown and stop into Baked & Wired on Thomas Jefferson Street NW. The coconut cupcake is my favorite, but if you really want a treat try the ‘Chocolate Cupcake of Doom.’ The coffee and espresso is also legit. You won’t be disappointed—trust me,” she stressed.

A weekend evening might be spent at home with her cats Miss David Ortiz and Miss Mikey Lowell because her workload is extensive. But this doesn’t mean that she will necessarily be cooking. “The restaurant scene in D.C. is so diverse with so many types of cuisine to choose from. Whatever you have a taste for, it’s here and likely delicious (and with all the delivery services can be on your doorstep almost as quickly as if you were dining in the restaurant). I indulged a bit too much when I first moved here, but thankfully the gym scene is pretty robust as well,” she admitted.

It’s also not unusual for her to entertain out-of-town guests on a weekend. Being the oldest of a big family, Bresnahan often plays host to her family frequently. “DC is still very unfamiliar to my family (who all reside in the Boston area), so when they come to visit we go to all of the musuems, monuments and typical tourist spots. I’ve taken seven double decker bus tours of the District in less than a year—at this point, I could lead the tour!” she explained.

She is also no stranger to the DC theater scene. “There are so many great productions and concerts that come through the District and all kinds of different venues to take them in at whether it’s a musical at The Kennedy Center, a theatrical play at National Theater, a more intimate concert at Athemn—a newer venue at The District Wharf, or a true gritty club show at the 9:30. I haven’t been to nearly as many events as I’d like to—hopefully that will change this summer. I’m really looking forward to seeing The Stones at FedEx Field and New Kids on the Block at Capital One Arena this summer,” said Bresnahan.