FY20 Family of Games Strategy

North American lottery marketers were surveyed on how they will tweak their marketing for family of games (FOGs) for scratchers in fiscal 2020 to keep them relevant with players. Lottery product managers discussed multiple approaches, including adding and eliminating price points in a family, creating new brand and digital advertising programs and adding a large format ticket to the FOG lineup. Results follow below:

Florida Lottery

“This year, we’re introducing a $20 product in September that will tie directly into our Holiday family launching in late October. $5,000,000 LUCK, will uniquely transition throughout its life cycle to align with seasonality. We’ve forecasted our inventory so that in October it will depict a holiday scene that will allow us to market it with Holiday Luck games. By mid-January, when we project holiday sales to end, the scene will transition back into its mass market theme. This will allow us to carry advertising of the $20 through December and boast a $5,000,000 top prize offering through the holidays.”—Shelly Gerteisen, Director of Product, Florida Lottery

Hoosier Lottery

“Digital marketing will continue to be a significant portion of our strategic efforts. This includes social as well as leveraging tools from our CRM database. For our Gem Multiplier family launch in August, we are developing an interactive gem hunt designed to drive awareness of the game to players.”—Brittany D’Haenens, Senior Brand Manager, Hoosier Lottery

Illinois Lottery

“We will be shifting to a more consistent, category-wide message, rather than multiple product-specific media bursts. This strategy will align with our overall focus to improve the Illinois Lottery brand and continue to build our relationship with players. This strategy will focus on speaking to a broader audience to increase participation across new, infrequent, and lapsed players.”—Evan Laya, Senior Marketing Manager, Instant Tickets, Camelot Illinois.

Kentucky Lottery

“Everything starts with a strong product offering which can be expanded to a family concept. Our goal is to create a core stable of families we can insert into the lineup from time to time in addition to creating new families. Consumers have really taken to our Kentucky-themed games, such as Break Ft. Knox and Kentucky Millions. The creative for our Kentucky Millions campaign touched on Kentucky pride in the form of horses, basketball, Ali, Bluegrass music and Bluegrass. We won’t overdo it but we will continue that focus for 2020.”—Tom Delacenserie, President & CEO, Kentucky Lottery Corp.

Louisiana Lottery

“We have experienced great success with ‘mini families.’ Last spring we launched a $2 game, Boil it Up, as a strategic alliance with Zatarain’s seafood boil with a $1 crawfish ticket using similar colors/graphic feel, and marketed the two games together. While our seasonal $1 crawfish game is typically a higher performer, this year’s ticket indexed at 139 and the $2 branded game reached 162! As a take-off on the same concept, to mark our 11th consecutive annual partnership with the New Orleans Saints, we launched not one but TWO team-branded games at the $2 and $5 price points. Both are eligible for entry into our second-chance drawings for game day experiences and official autographed merchandise.”—Susan Clayton, Director of Products, Louisiana Lottery Corp.

Maryland Lottery

“The Maryland Lottery’s first two Multiplier Family of Games proved to be quite popular with players. In light of our success with the first two launches, we are making plans for a third. As always, we are evaluating new game features and visual elements that will increase the appeal and the play value.”— Leslie Mitchell, Instant Ticket Product Manager, Maryland Lottery & Gaming