The Roundup – Draw Games


Cash Pop – Missouri Lottery

The Missouri Lottery is launching Cash Pop in May 2022. Players can wager $1, $2, $5, or $10 per draw. There will be five drawings per day. “IGT brought this game idea a few years ago as an additional option in our portfolio that fills a niche area that is not covered by our other games. We did research with our players and found that players liked the uniqueness of the game, and they appreciated the different ways to play and being able to win different amounts especially having a minimum prize five times the wager amount. In addition, we saw that several other lottery jurisdictions were launching the game with great success, so we are launching it this year!” Nancy Rollins, Marketing Manager, Missouri Lottery, said.

Draw Modernization – Texas Lottery

The Texas Lottery has spent considerable time and effort updating its website and mobile app. These updates have given draw games more branding and promotional opportunities. For instance, the lottery focuses marketing efforts on a specific draw game each quarter. “The quarter ending in February 2022 was focused on Powerball. We ran a digital coupon promotion on our mobile app in January and then conducted a Clerk Voucher promotion in February. Clerks that generated five Powerball transactions of $10 or more received a voucher to redeem for a Texas Lottery tumbler,” Julie Terrell, Draw Game Coordinator, Texas Lottery, said. “In May, we will run a mobile app digital coupon which allows app users to get $6 Texas Two Step Quick Picks for $5. Our promotional events in May will also promote the digital coupon offer. Starting in June, we will shift to Cash Five with similar marketing support.”

End Zone Cash – Pennsylvania Lottery

The Pennsylvania Lottery will be adding a new game to their Xpress Sports lineup later this year. This monitor game displays virtual animations of sports games. Later this year, a football version of the game, End Zone Cash, will launch and replace Xpress Sports Car Racing. “This game is a new and revamped football-themed game where players can pick who they think will win virtual matchups. NFL Alumni players will be featured along with ultra-realistic visuals where 16 teams (eight matchups) play concurrently,” Kara Sparks, Director of Products, Pennsylvania Lottery. The game features a Touchdown Multiplier, which is an optional add-on. The more touchdowns, the higher the multiplier for the game.

Fast Play and Pick 5 – Maryland Lottery

Maryland Lottery & Gaming launched Pick 5 on February 7, 2022. It is a daily game with a midday and evening drawing. The lottery has also been impressed with its Fast Play game, introduced in 2020, right before the pandemic started. “Despite that difficult start, the product line regularly exceeds prior year sales, and we frequently find ourselves at the top of the per capita ranking charts. Our outlook is that there continues to be a substantial opportunity in our Fast Play product line. We’re strategic regarding product decisions, as we don’t want to stall the excellent growth we’ve cultivated in our instant product category,” Kate Airey, Director, Product Development, Maryland Lottery, said.

Quick Draw – Arizona Lottery

The Arizona Lottery will introduce two new Quick Draw Games in April. Quick Draw games have a variety of play styles and are drawn every hour. The two current games, One To Win™ and 5/10/45™, will be joined by Lucky Links™ and 5-In-A-Line™, increasing the draw frequency to every 15 minutes. “These games can be sold in social establishments where players can play and win, all within the same visit to their favorite bar or restaurant,” John Gilliland, Chief Information Officer, Arizona Lottery. “Quick Draw will be supported with both a Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business marketing campaign. We will be rolling out a special Business-to-Business direct mail campaign that is aimed at bringing more social establishments on board.”

Return of Competition – Louisiana Lottery

Louisiana Lottery Corp. is giving additional marketing support to Powerball in conjunction with the First Millionaire of the Year Promotion. It is a special competition in which one player wins $1 million just after midnight on New Year’s Day.

Some draw games are struggling for the Lottery. “Currently, Powerball is showing a 5% lift over last fiscal year due to the $632 million jackpot run; however, lower overall comparable sales levels for Powerball and Mega Millions continue and are due to a long span of smaller advertised jackpots. Lotto, Easy 5, and daily games (Pick 3 and Pick 4) are also showing a decline; this is mainly attributable to no competition last year due to casinos being shut down,” Quinn Dossett, VP, Marketing, Louisiana Lottery said.

Scan-N-Play – Illinois Lottery

Draw-based game sales through the Illinois Lottery’s digital platform have grown by 50% over the prior fiscal year and constitute the highest level of online draw-based game sales of any U.S. lottery. Recent digital improvements driving draw game sales include the introduction of Apple and Google Pay, the use of data intelligence and highly targeted CRM activity, and mobile app optimized player journeys. In May, the Illinois Lottery will introduce the ability to “Scan-N-Play” in retail. This gives players a chance to purchase a ticket in retail and then reveal the game outcome on their phone by scanning the ticket using the Illinois Lottery app.

Kentucky 5 – Kentucky Lottery

The Kentucky Lottery Corp. (KLC) will be introducing a new draw game in November. The game, named Kentucky 5, will cost $1 and will be drawn daily. The game has a 5 of 39 matrix and offers players a chance to win a rolling jackpot. Jackpots will start at $40,000 and roll a minimum of $5,000 each day. Players must match three or more of the numbers drawn to their numbers to win. There is an add-on feature called Xtra that multiplies winnings for the Match 3 and Match 4 prizes, and also adds in a new prize tier for matching just two numbers. “We thoroughly tested this game concept, including the game name, with players and retailers through focus groups, a panel study, and a survey to our Fun Club members. All respondent feedback was very favorable, and there is a lot of excitement around this new game,” Erica Williams, Manager, Draw Game Product, KLC, said. The Kentucky Lottery will also be retiring Cash 5 to make room for the new game. Cash 5 contributes less than 2% of total draw sales.