The Lottery World (May/June 2023 Edition)


Loto-Québec Launches PLINKO® Scratch Ticket & Online Game

Loto-Québec launched PLINKO® in May 2023, as both a scratch ticket and an online scratch game. The new $5 multi-level PLINKO® game, licensed by Scientific Games, is based on the popular pricing game featured on THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

“It’ll be offered as a scratch ticket and an online scratch game, and feature an animation online or at the retail terminal for winners of a guaranteed prize, as well as a chance to drop a Chip on a real life-size PLINKO® board for the grand prize winners. The RTP is 70% for the scratch ticket and 72% for the online game,” said Martine Hénault, Product Manager, Loto-Québec.

The lottery estimates weekly sales for the game (paper and online versions) will average $1.25 million (so 0.1428 per capita).

Loto-Québec is supporting with traditional advertising as well as player outreach.

“We’ll not only have traditional TV and ad campaigns, but we’ll also post a video on how the game works on our online platforms. Winners will play on a real PLINKO® board at the Casino de Montréal, and this will be streamed on our social media platforms. What’s more, we’ll display promotional PLINKO® boards in our casinos, trade shows and at sports and general public events to further promote the game,” said Martine Adam, Senior Project Manager, Advertising, Loto-Québec. TV ads will run for four weeks.

Hoosier Cash POP™

Buyers are “popping up” everywhere since Hoosier Lottery launched Cash POP™ on April 23.

The ad campaign slogan is “With Cash POP™ the fun is always poppin’. Cash POP™. It’s What’s Poppin’.”

This new FY23 game launch is “our first Draw game to offer five drawings a day and provides an experience that is fully customizable. Players can keep it simple with just one number, or play all 15 numbers for a guaranteed win,” explained Brittany D’Haenens, Director, Marketing, Hoosier Lottery.

Since players can match just one number to win, it will naturally appeal to daily game players. “Given the “always-on” momentum of five drawings a day, the simplicity of the game, the ability to easily customize your play, and the relatively low cost to play, we also believe this will appeal to a broad audience including Scratch-off, Draw and Fast Play players,” explained D’Haenens.

The lottery is happy with sales and engagement seen at launch. “We expect that as marketing efforts gain traction, and players discover and try the game, we will see continued adoption and sales growth similar to what has been seen in other states that launched Cash POP™. Additionally, the feedback from players and retailers alike has been overwhelmingly positive, so our expectations for the game long term are trending up,” reported D’Haenens.

A month before launch, Hoosier Lottery began its marketing push for Cash POP™. The campaign featured email, push notification and in-app message, social media, paid media (outdoor, radio, TV promotion) and retail signage. There was even a countdown-to-launch clock on the Teaser campaign landing page on

“To launch with impact, we have a multi-layered marketing campaign with heavy statewide media support, point-of-sale, public relations, digital, CRM and social media efforts, and we’re using a mix of general Cash POP™ awareness messaging and daypart-specific messaging that underscores the ability to ‘Pick and play up to 5X a day’ – including six-second messages on YouTube,” explained D’Haenens.

Hoosier Lottery also ran retail promotions with key account partners, radio and TV giveaways, influencer support, retail events and sponsorship executions. “To help add to the excitement, we are using real-time technology to generate branded animations of the Cash POP™ drawings, so players can experience the reveal of each drawing’s winning number. These animations are available to our players on the website, YouTube channel and through paid media advertising. This is the first time that we have animated our drawings,” said D’Haenens.

Grilling Game

The Kentucky Lottery Corp. (KLC) will be offering up a sizzling scratcher for summer sales.

“In May, we’ll be launching a $5 GRILLIN’ & ’ game, partnering for the first time with Alchemy3 and their Omaha Steaks® brand. While it’s not a big linked licensed property, we’re excited to offer this brand and second chance promotion to our players. The promotional prizes will award premium gas grills and grilling packages, including Omaha Steaks’ gift cards, which will run over the slower sales period of summer,” said Rhonda Zimmerman, Director, Scratch Games, KLC.

In terms of performance, Zimmerman said, “Average weekly sales for this game are estimated at $866,700 with weekly PC at 12.708 cents.” In addition to the second chance player promotion, $5 GRILLIN’ & ’ will be supported by social and digital marketing campaigns, point of sale, and retailer promotions.”

$5 Jaws

B.C. Lottery Corp. (BCLC) players may never go into the water again after they purchase the new $5 Jaws scratch ticket. It will be launched June 5. The lottery is projecting estimated weekly sales of $180,000.

“Based on the classic Carcharodon carcharias thriller, Jaws, this ticket has a retro ‘70s feel. The creative harkens back to the original movie poster which features the infamous great white shark hunting its first unsuspecting victim from the opening scene of the epic movie, and includes the frightening call out, ‘Who will be next?’. The prize payout is 68% and 1: 3.75 odds, typical for a $5 ticket,” said Shirley Park, Senior Product Specialist, BCLC.

BCLC will launch the Jaws ticket on June 5. The lottery will be actively selling from its warehouse for 18 weeks with a print run of 800,000.

“With the help of Pollard Banknote’s licensing team, we are supporting the launch with a Facebook contest. Players can enter on the BC Lotto Facebook page for chances to win summer swag packages, featuring branded giveaway items like cooler bags, beer cozies and custom scratchers made to look like surfboards with teeth marks to help players take a bite out of their ticket! In addition, the ticket will be featured on retail digital signage and menu boards,” said Park.

Board Games

Massachusetts Lottery launched two board game licensed scratchers in the spring. Monopoly 50X went on sale in April, followed by the lottery’s first-ever Battleship ticket in May.

“The latest edition of the popular Monopoly property is at the $5 price point with a multiplier theme as well as a ‘scratch my back’ component offering additional chances to win on the back of the ticket. The prize payout percentage is 76.51%. The top prize is $1,000,000,” said Tom Aiello, Product Manager, Instant Tickets, Massachusetts Lottery. “Battleship has an extended-play theme reflective of how the nostalgic game itself is played. It is a $2 game with a prize payout percentage of 72.91%. The top prize is $50,000.”

Both scratchers will be supported by their own paid social media campaign.

$50 Colossal

Loto-Québec will launch a $50 national scratcher called Colossal.

“This scratch ticket will be launched on June 5, 2023, for a period of two years, and will offer a top prize of $5 million—the biggest prize ever offered on a Canadian scratch ticket,” reported Catherine Dumont, Product Manager, Loto-Québec.

“The French-language slogan for this ticket, which loosely translates to ‘Get rich fast’ will take on its full meaning with this ticket,” she added.

In terms of the design, Dumont reported “the $50 Colossal ticket is not a themed ticket as such; we’re returning to a more classic design, with design elements you’d typically see on lottery tickets. The backdrop is bright red, and it features gold accents (like stacks of gold bars) which give it some prestige. As for the prize structure, the game gives players a chance to win anywhere from $50 to $5,000,000. The RTP is 75%.”

National sales projections were not available. “Since this is a new game, it’s difficult to estimate potential sales. We think there’ll be some buzz created around this new release, so sales should average $600,000 a week—so $0.06857 per capita—starting from the June launch until March 2024,” reported Dumont.

In terms of marketing, Loto-Québec will be developing a POS ad and social media ads. “The Colossal ticket will definitely be featured in TV commercials, like all national games that offer top prizes of $1 million or more,” said Dumont.

Mega Launch

B.C. Lottery Corp. (BCLC) will launch its first $50 scratcher ticket, Mega, in June.

“This eye-catching ticket is red, gold and silver and uses Pollard’s SFX® for extra glitter and glamour. It’s full of game play and checks off a list of firsts for us. It is the first $50 Instant ticket for BCLC and first National ticket with a $50 price,” Shirley Park, Senior Product Specialist, BCLC. “The top prizes of $5,000,000 are the highest top prizes we have ever had on an Instant ticket. We are also piloting a 75% payout. To date, our highest payout on a National ticket has been 70%.”

$50 Mega will be in market for approximately two years. “The estimated weekly sales for BCLC is $400,000. This ticket will be supported with a media buy that will include online videos, display and social ads, as well as a presence at retail with POS,” added Park.


The Pennsylvania Lottery will launch THE GAME OF LIFE® branded games across three product categories—iLottery, Scratch-Offs and Fast Play—in May and June.

“The eInstant game, developed by Scientific Games, is first to launch on May 11 and is closely followed by a $10 Scratch-off game on May 16. The Fast Play game will round out this program with a $5 game launching on June 6, 2023. We are also looking into options to offer a ‘for life’ prize on the Scratch-Off game and non-winning Scratch-Off and Fast Play tickets will be eligible for entry into a second-chance drawing,” said Kara Sparks, Director of Products, Pennsylvania Lottery.

THE GAME OF LIFE prize payouts range from 71.25% (Fast Play) to 89% (iLottery).