Schafer Systems’ new Gen 2 Dual Bingo unit literally shouts BINGO when a consumer is standing in line at the counter.

“What separates this style from other GEN2 is the curved face for a bolder visual display,” explained Kayt Gabrielson, Product Marketing Manager, Schafer Systems. “It can display tickets up to 8-inch wide and works great for oversized or Super Tickets.”

She said the firm created dual dispensers as part of the GEN2 line as a way for lotteries and retailers to save money, save space and be able to more effectively display games since ticket sizes are tending to become bigger.

The Arkansas and Iowa lotteries recently purchased the Gen2 Dual Bingo unit. “We are excited as it is starting to roll out to the field now,” said Gabrielson. “Based on our other GEN2 Dual options, we are confident it will display and dispense very well.”

The Gen2 Dual Bingo unit can be used for non-Bingo scratchers. “There are many more options to this,” said Gabrielson. “The name of the product enhances the BINGO name, but it does not need to be just that—it can display tickets up to 8-inches wide—plus the special three-finger tear bar it has the ability to dispense a variety of thickness of tickets too.”

The GEN2 type of dispensers has added new features since its first-generation line of dispenser.

“The GEN 2 collection has crystal-clear displays for ideal viewing and display, gripper plates for keeping tickets in place in the dispenser and allows for easier dispensing, three-finger tear bars for dispensing various ticket thickness easily, removable dividers to allow for various ticket widths, and feature clips to allow promotional or banded material on the sides of the dispenser,” explained Gabrielson.

The Gen2 Dual Bingo features custom signage area on the sides of the unit to display POP advertising or promotional offers. Schafer Systems offers side clips to this line of dispensers which allow a lottery or a retailer to custom promote games.

Gabrielson said lotteries get “extra pop” by featuring promotional material on games or creating brand awareness. “This is a great way to merchandise a Family of Games on a stand.”