New Intelligent Ecosystem Will Unlock Tremendous Opportunities In The U.S. Market

INTRALOT has completed 15 years of dynamic presence in the U.S. market, enjoying lasting partnerships with state lotteries and delivering value and revenues for good causes in 15 states through the years. In the past year, INTRALOT has secured several long-term contract renewals and acquired a new customer, the Illinois Lottery, as a sub-contractor of Camelot.

INTRALOT looks forward to providing our latest suite of products and services to both current and future customers. These products offer opportunities in the digital arena, including, but not limited to, cross-channel integrated and secure solutions, new terminal equipment, new multi-purpose and self-service terminals, cashless options, sports betting and a wealth of services that offer personalized experiences to players.

INTRALOT promotes integrity, and as a representation of that, INTRALOT renewed the WLA responsible gaming certificate that aligns with WLA responsible gaming standards both as a vendor and a WLA associate member. In 2018, INTRALOT also renewed the responsible gaming certification by European Lotteries for our subsidiary operator TOTOLOTEK in Poland.

INTRALOT, as an experienced provider of betting technology and services as well as a licensed operator in 29 jurisdictions worldwide, is naturally delighted with the latest news about the opening of the U.S. sports betting market.

The United States clearly has the potential to become the world’s largest regulated sports betting market. The potential size of this market certainly will depend on; the number of states that legalize sports betting, state market sizing, channels, product mix, tax levels, license or other fees, the wire act treatment, and the achieved “illegal-to-legal” shift rate. Following PASPA repeal, it is anticipated that many states will follow course with their own legislation.

INTRALOT sees great opportunities for the U.S. lotteries entering the sports betting market. U.S. lotteries have the benefit of wide land-based networks, customer base, established integrity, trustworthiness, and commitment to responsible gaming standards and practices. U.S. lotteries also have the added capability to deliver a sports betting product that is socially acceptable, reliable, transparent, positioned to understand the current market, and potential growth to provide an overall positive customer experience.

Anticipating these opportunities, INTRALOT has created a next generation, flexible and scalable sports betting platform at the heart of an integrated sports betting solution that includes “Canvas,” a Customer Management Service (CMS) for a personalized playing experience, and “Pulse,” a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) which includes a centralized Player Account Manager (PAM).

• The platform offers pre-integration with over 50 commercial feeds, event creation, markets pricing, resulting, and in-play incidents. CMS and PAM carry the latest security and transparency features, including know your customer (KYC), geo-fencing, and payment provider integration capabilities.

• In addition to a state-of-the-art software solution, INTRALOT offers world class services in trading, risk management (guaranteed payouts), marketing services (customer acquisition/retention, campaign and loyalty, affiliate management, customer support) as well as constant customer support.

• INTRALOT’S latest advances in terminal technology include a full retail point of sales (POS) and unique sports betting impulse buying vending machines ecosystem. It is designed for all traditional and non-traditional lottery channels including but not limited to convenience stores, bars, taverns and sports betting parlors, all utilizing current lottery infrastructure.

INTRALOT’S sports betting solution, with its cross-channel, cross-vertical capabilities, can easily integrate with most current U.S. lottery infrastructures. INTRALOT’S experience covers more than 65 sports supported with different pricing models for over 24 sports, 24,000 In-Play events and 30,000 Pre-Game events per month capacity and more than 800 different market types. INTRALOT’S betting entertainment portfolio includes; racing, virtual and pre-recorded propositions that increase player’s lifetime value.

INTRALOT’S solutions manage approximately $6 billion sports betting wagers per year in the 16 major sports betting projects around the globe (29 jurisdictions), including Europe’s largest sportsbook in supporting more than 16,000 points of sale. INTRALOT’S solutions and services are tested over a wide variety of margins and payout targets and have delivered 50% average sales growth over three years, for operators that opted to use INTRALOT’S sports betting products and Managed Trading Services (MTS) with GGR maximization orientation or guaranteed payout percentage with a 100% success track record, benefiting by INTRALOT’s multi-jurisdictional presence.

INTRALOT looks forward to presenting all of these features and discussing opportunities with current and prospective clients at the NASPL tradeshow floor and conference in Cleveland, Ohio September 25-28, 2018. At the tradeshow INTRALOT will continue to honor our multiyear commitment as a top tier sponsor of NASPL for the promotion of lottery revenue growth towards good causes and good industry practices.—By Nikos Papadoglou, PhD. VP/Chief Commercial Officer, INTRALOT Inc.